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Region centers: Novosibirsk


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NovosibirskWelcome to the city, named a capital of Siberia to Novosibirsk. It lies on both banks of Ob River in the south-eastern part of the East-Siberian Plain. Novosibirsk with its 1 million and 399tousand residents gets the third place among the biggest Russian cities. Only two capitals Moscow and St. Petersburg exceed it in population. . But in its own region (to the east of Urals) Novosibirsk and its total territory of 477 sq.km. can not be exceeded.

When you travel to Novosibirsk you have a lot of places to see. As the biggest city in Eastern Russian (to the East from the Urals) it has a lot of biggest things: the biggest railway station on the Trans-Siberian Route, the library biggest in Siberian region, and, of course, the biggest in Russia Opera and Ballet Theatre. You should definitely start your Novosibirsk tour from this theatre. It is worth to be seen as it is even larger than the famous Bolshoi Theatre in the capital. As for Novosibirsk tourism, its main cultural and historical target is the Alexander Nevskiy Catherdral made of red bricks, the best example of Orthodox architecture in Russia.

Travel to Novosibirsk historyNovosibirsk

The city is rather young. It was appeared as a big railway station on Trans-Siberian railroad in 1893 only. So if the decision of Trans-Siberian railroad hadnt been made your Novosibirsk tour would have been impossible!

The first name of the city was Novonikolayevsk. IT was named in honor to Nikolai II, Tsar from Russian Tsar Romanov family. And only in 1926 it became a Novosibirsk (translated from Rissian as new Siberian City).

The city grew rapidly and in the 1930s when the Turkestan-Siberian railway from Novosibirsk to Alma-Aty was laid, Novosibirsk became a major transport link between Russia and Central Asia. If you are a fan of science and came to Novosibirsk, travel to Akademgorodok built there in 1958.

It took Novosibirsk only 68 years to get a population over 1 million people thus breaking the record of Chicago which achieved the 1 million population in 89 years, let alone New York with its 250 years of growth, Moscow more than 700 years and Kiev about 900 years. Novosibirsk is a peaceful, beautiful and stylish city.

Modern Novosibirsk

Alexander Nevsky CathedralNovosibirsk is the play an extremely important role as the biggest administrative, scientific and industrial centre to the East of the Urals. It is even called the capital of Siberia as it possesses the position of the wholesale, business and financial centre. A number of official regional offices of many federal bodies and authorities include such important institutions as Siberian Accord Interregional Association, the Office of the Representative of the President of Russia in the Siberian Federal District, etc. So most of Novosibirsk tourism system is developed for those people, who come here on business.

Some reasons to make a Novosibirsk travel

It offers a noble cultural program.

Besides Opera and Ballet Theatre there are a lot of exhibitions and fairs held here usually.

Stylish and historical architecture (Elexander Nevskiy Cathedral)

Great for business trips as a business and financial center of Siberia.

Here you can find such banking institutions like the Siberian Fair exhibition, 50 banks, the Siberian Interbank Currency Exchange, the Stock Exchange.

Novosibirsk tourism by car is safe as there are about 150 insurance companies, 1,120 restaurants, 46 offices of foreign companies, 25 hotels and 3,000 shops, cafes and bars.

It has a developed system of High Education. So you can have a Novosibirsk tour in order to get a Higher Education.

Novosibirsk has approximately 40 Academies, Universities, Institutes and about 60 colleges.

Travel to Novosibirsk Culture

Novosibirsk is one of the biggest cultural centres of Russia and famous for its beautiful sights. And there are a lot of places you should go to while your Novosibirsk tour. Its pearl of culture is the silver-domed Opera and Ballet House, home of the respected ballet company and school. Novosibirsk can offer its visitants and citizens a wide range of fine restaurants, clubs and bars. Mosque

When you travel to Novosibirsk you should see all the sights of culture. The one of the most beautiful buildings in Novosibirsk city is the Opera and Ballet House and it stands in the centre of the city. Has unofficial name of the Bolshoi Theatre of Siberia. The Siberian ballet company is well-known in many countries. There are 8 theatres in Novosibirsk, including Globe Youth Theatre, the Old House Theatre, Puppet Theatre, etc. All the theatres are worth to be visited while your Novosibirsk travelling. And the city jazz bands are famous far outside Novosibirsk. The biggest Art Gallery in Siberia with more than 6,000 masterpieces of Russian and foreign artists is situated in Novosibirsk.


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