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Region centers: Blagoveschensk


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Amurskaya regionBlagoveshensk is the capital of Amurskaya region. City stands on the confluence of two rivers the Zeya and the Amur Rivers. This position seemed very favorable to pioneers in the 17th century. The founders of an Ust-Zeyskaya settlement were the Cossacks and the soldiers of the 13th line battalion. Just two years later it was renamed into Blagoveschensk and obtained the city status.

The whole life of Blagoveschensk is closely connected with development of Amur River basin, which has remained its administrative and business centre. By the end of the last century it has become the largest city on the Amur River, the capital of gold mining and agriculture.

Blagoveschensks citizens are very hard-working, enduring and hospitable people. It is the people, who are the seal of bright and reliable citys future. Blagoveschensk has always been an industrial centre in the Far East.

The most important transport hub of the region is a large river port, a railway station, an airport and a bus terminal.

BlagoveschenskThe interstream area, where the city is situated, is formed by terraces, high and low bottom-lands, which in its turn influenced city streets' and parks' peculiarity. The central streets are stretched along the Amur River west and east.

The city is placed, where forest steppe meets mixed forests of the Far East. This has set a stamp upon green decoration of the streets, where oak, different linden and birch types, poplar, mountain ash, maple can be met. In spring the city is coloured with sunny dandelions, bird cherry and lilac smell wonderful.

The Amur and the Zeya Rivers are finny: skygazer, Chinese bass, carp, luce and so on.

All seasons are attractive in Blagoveschensk. Every season is suitable for different kinds of sports and tourism.


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