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OmskOmsk is a Russian city, located in the central part of the RF. The city is the second-largest city in Russia beyond the Urals. It has never been so popular to travel to Omsk before, and Omsk tourism is rapidly developing.

In 1824 Omsk became the capital city of Siberia, instead of Tobolsk, another Russian city. Since XVIII century the city of Omsk has been developing, and by early XIX c. it became the main transport, agriculture and trade centre of the area. This was mostly due to the Trans-Siberian Railway running through the city. At the same time a great number of foreign companies and joint ventures were represented in Omsk.

In the middle of the 50s of XX century the city of Omsk became the centre of petroleum refining, as well as oil and chemical industrial centre in Siberia. As for the modern history of the city, the pioneers in private business appeared here in early 1990-s. These were banks, various foundations, finance and investment companies, and so on. Omsk products are in demand and being sold on various markets, including foreign ones.

In the past, exiles were sent to the city of Omsk, the most famous of them being a Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky, known for his 'Crime and PunishmentТ, and other novels. Also, the modern Soviet writer Alexandr Solzhenitsin (СOne Day of the Life of Ivan DenisovitchТ, etc.) passed the city on his way to a labor camp. This is another reason for a large number of tourists who travel to Omsk. Nowadays all the prisons have gone already, and Omsk is turning into a charming city and developing as the economic centre backed by the booming Russian economy.


Omsk tourism is now a very promising trend. It is worth to travel to Omsk: there are lots of sights and attractions in the city of Omsk, especially in its older part Ц charming wooden houses, monuments of famous people, churches, historic sites, and lots of other places of interest. E.g., the Omsk fortress that was built in 1716 by a troop of Colonel Bukholts, which was sent to Siberia by Emperor Peter the Great to build a number of fortresses; another their task was to find new ways to China and India. The Fortress meant to be a Cossack outpost.

There are some museums to visit in the city. The Literature Museum at Dostoevskogo str, 1 is open 10 a.m. Ц 6 p.m., Tuesday-Sunday, and the Omsk State History Museum at Lenina str., 23A is open 10 a.m. Ц 7 p.m., Tuesday-Sunday.

The most convenient way of traveling to Omsk is with a company of friends Ц you will never forget you tour!


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