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Region centers: Magas


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MagasThe capital of the Republic of Ingushetia Magas is the administrative, scientific and cultural center of the republic. The city had celebrated it's 10th anniversary recently. Magas is a new, contemporary well-furnished city, it's architecture naturally combines eastern and european architectural styles.
Magas is situated on the flat-inclined terrace, 6-8 meters above Sunzha river-bed. The capital is located near the main transport centers. The passenger and the freight train stations are 8 km from the city, Magas airport, federal Caucasus highway is also close to the city.
Today Magas has its own unique image. Among pecularities one can notice low buildings. Next years a brand new 4 star hotel will be built in Magas, libraries, Republic circus, youth leasure center.

These days the Republic Cathedral Mosque is being build. The unique architectual complex will be capable to house 3000 people.
Along Sunzha river bank cultural area will be built, including ponds, tennis courts, children leasure center, bowling center, summer cinema theatre, side-shows.


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