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Region centers: Ekaterinburg


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EkaterinburgEkaterinburg (from 1924 to 1991 it was called Sverdlovsk) is the main city of Sverdlovsk Region and Ural federal district. It is situated on the border of Europe and Asia and this position makes Ekaterinburg tourism very attractive for the guests from East and West. Being located not far from Moscow (only 1667 km) it is an important center of cooperation. This city can be safely called as a large transport and logistic unit of Trans-Siberian Railroad. There are two airports in Ekaterinburg, which organize cargo and passenger flights on domestic and foreign routs.

As for the economical potential, it is necessary to mention such industrial branches as metallurgy, light industry, food, polygraph industry, heavy mechanical engineering, military and chemical industry. Ekaterinburg is the largest cultural and educational centre of Ural. The day of city is annually marked on the third Saturday of August.

During your Ekaterinburg travel you can go by the Ekaterinburg subway, which is a local sight. It is known as the shortest underground in the world (7 stations).

CathedralEkaterinburg is a major financial and business centre of our country. It is impossible to imagine Russian economy without the active participation of Ekaterinburg's financial and banking institutions. Going to Yekaterinburg travel you mustnt worry about your money. Many famous and reliable banks and the Ural Regional Currency Exchange are ready to solve all your problems.

The unique appearance of the city gives a great possibility for Ekaterinburg tourism development. There are more than 600 monuments of history and culture in this city, so it may be included in the top of Russian historical cities.

During your Ekaterinburg travel you can see the historical center of the city. The most interesting places of Ekaterinburg are the Dam on the city pond (the first Ekaterinburg plant), the monument to the city founders Tatischev and De Guennin and St.Ekatherinas Chapel.

The main squares of the city are the Square of 1905 year and Oktyabrskaya Square. Yekaterinburg travel gives you a chance to visit Cathedral on Blood. It was built on the place of Ipatiev house, connected with the last days of Romanovs family life.

During Ekaterinburg travel you can acquaint with the scientific and cultural life of this city. It is the seat of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. There are also over 16 higher educational institutions, and about 100 scientific and researching organizations, with about 1000 Doctors and 5000 Candidates of Science.

Planning Yekaterinburg travel, book the tickets and visit Opera House, Drama Theatre, Musical Comedy Theatre, Theatre of Youth, Puppet Shows Theatre, Philharmonic Society and Circus.

Dont miss the opportunity and visit the mountain Berezovaya, which is the border between Europe and Asia


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