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Region centers: Vladimir


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VladimirVladimir is a beautiful town located 178 km north-east of Moscow. It is famous as one of the most beautiful, charming and ancient cities of the Golden Ring of Russia. The population of the town is about 360,000 people.


The city of Vladimir was founded at the end of the X century and named after the Russian Prince Vladimir who allowed Christianity to spread in Russia to become the main religion of the country for centuries. The city rapidly developed and by the beginning of the XIII century it became one of the most important trade and cultural centers in Russia.
It was the time when the main buildings, including the famous Golden Gate, churches and cloisters, were built. For many years Vladimir was the capital of the Russian state, but later Moscow strengthened and Vladimir lost its importance.

Places to visit
The historical buildings, ancient churches and museums accommodating the most beautiful and precious pieces of art make the former capital well-known and loved by many Russians as well as foreigners. Local authorities are doing their best to preserve the main gateway to the city - the Golden Gate, the Cathedral of Assumption with Andrey Rublevs paintings, and the Cathedral of St. Dmitry the main places to see in this old city.

The cathedrals of the Assumption and Saint Dmintry can be easily found in 15 minutes walk west of the train and bus stations. In 1 km, in the town center, is XII century Golden Gate. The church of Intercession on the Nerl is located farther around 11 km east of the town of Bogolubovo.

Museums Uspensky Cathedral
All museums of the city are incorporated into the State Vladimir-Suzdal History, Arts and Architecture Museum-Preserve. The Heroes Gallery accommodates the portraits and information of the famous people who lived in the Vladimir area, including pilots, smelters and even a cosmonaut.

The Exhibition of Military History is showcased in the former Church of the Deposition of the Robe. In the museum, one can see different armors used in Russia from XII to XIX century.
The Lacquer-work and Embroidery Exhibition located in the former Old Believers Trinity Church near the Golden Gate showcases the crystal, glass and lacquer-work and well as pieces of appliqué, crochet and embroidery.
The Museum Center for Culture and Education presents various exhibitions including The Russian House, Old Russian School, The Birth of the Book" and others. All museums are kept in ideal order thanks to the special and up-to-date techniques of storage and presentation. Excursions available upon request.


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