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Region centers: Chita


This city is a regional center of 0

In 1653 explorer Peter Beketov with a group of Cossacks in the mouth of Chita river built Ingodinskoe winter quarters. The first regular Russian settlement at this place sprang up after 1675. Until 1687 it was called Sloboda. In 1699 Chita ostrog was built, from 1821 it was called Chitinskoe habitation. Decembrists were exiled here. From 1851 Chita was the centre of Transbaikalian region, here administration of Transbaikalian Cossack forces was situated. After construction of railway in 1900 Chita was the largest transport junction, industrial centre of Trans-Baikalia. In 1920-22 the capital of Far East republic. From 1922 the centre of Transbaikalian province, from 1926 district city of Far East territory, from 1937 the centre of Chita region. From 1st of March 2008 Chita is the centre of Zabaikalsky Krai.

Chita city is the centre of Zabaikalsky Krai. It was founded in 1675, incorporated from 1851.
The city includes 4 districts. Chita is situated in Trans-Baikalia, at inflowing of Chitinka r. into Ingoda.
Zone time: +6 from Moscow one.
Area: 534 sq. km.
Population: 306,2 thousand (2006).
Average temperatures: January -27, April 0, July +18, October -2 
Culture and museums: Theatres: dramatic, puppet-show. Philharmonic. Museums: of regional studies, art, of Decembrists.

Architecture and remarkables include wooden building of post-office, wooden church of Mikhail Archangel ("The church of Decembrists", 1771). There is mud health resort locality Ugdan 7 km to the north-west from Chita. 


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