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Region centers: Terskol


This city is a regional center of 0

Terskol - a small village in the Elbrus region (Kabardino-Balkaria), built in time for residence staff recreational area Elbrus. Terskol (with Balkar - wrong, curve beam). This name is obviously connected with the fact that the gorge is a dead end without Perevalnogo out in any other valley. Climbing up the Baksan canyon, past narzan source Achi-Su, 200 meters from which begins Terskol, The highest in the Baksan Valley (2133 meters). To the left of the road is located hostel Defense "Terskol" - eight-storey building with comfortable rooms and a developed structure of the objects of leisure sports - from billiards to the indoor swimming pool, the most mountainous of indoor swimming pools in Europe. In the spacious gym chalet spend their dues on the volleyball team of masters, as well as the national team of Russia on boxing, judo and others. At the tourist center Terskol "are traditional sports days for tourists each race, ending contests humorous newspaper and a concert with the award winners sports and athletics medals, diplomas and pies. Near the camp site "Terskol" adjoins a comfortable hotel "Wolfram", opposite the bases - just across the road - the building of JSC "Elbrusturist", an interesting architectural solution. Equally attractive is also located near the cafe "Dome. In the village constructed many small private hotels and shops, there are secondary schools and the children's ski school. In the center of the village is controlling and Rescue Service, which is one of the most powerful services in the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia. If you plan to exit in the mountains - hike on the mountain passes or climb to the summit of the area, make sure you sign up for MOE. This can save time and money in case of unforeseen situations, and possibly save your life. 

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