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Region centers: Magadan


This city is a regional center of 0

Magadan is the capital of Magadan region. It is a Magadanseaport located at the northernmost point of the Sea of Okhotsk, on Nagayevo Bay. The area of the city is 461 400 sq. km.
Population: 279,300 people (0,19% of the Russian total).
Time: Moscow time + 8 hours

The first houses on the territory were built by Japanese prisoners of war in the late 1930s and early 40s to serve as an entry port to the labor camps and prisons for religious and political dissidents of the Stalin era. The official year of the city foundation is 1933. The decision was made after the discovery of gold on the nearby territories. In 1939, Magadan was officially given the status of town with the population of 27,000 people. In 1953 it became the capital of Magadan region and later grew into its cultural and economic center.

During the Soviet era, Magadan was the centre for Stalin’s prison camps to which millions were deported. It was known to every Russian as the capital of "Kolyma Land", a site of Stalin's GULAG labour camps. Thousands of people were exiled to this region, and many of them died there because of severe climate conditions and diseases. Today there are many monuments erected in honour of the camp victims.
Magadan has shipyards and a major airport. A seaport and industrial city, it has no railway. The main internal communication is a road from Magadan city to the Sakha Republic that crosses the Kolyma gold fields.

Places To See
Museum of Local Lore has collections that tell about the history and culture of native peoples - Chukchi, Evenks, Eskimos — and their customs.
Geological Museum founded in 1940 by the explorers of North-East houses samples of all the natural resources of the region: gold, silver, coal, mercury and many others. The museum's main attraction is the Golden Chamber with an amazing collection of unique crystals.
Museum of Minerals. The museum houses a wonderful collection of precious and semi-precious minerals and quite a number of unique meteorites found in the Far East of Russia. In the museums of Magadan, there are exhibitions showing suffering and death of the prisoners.


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