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Region centers: Anadyr


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AnadyrAnadyr is a name for a gulf, a river in the extreme North-East of Siberia and a city, which is the capital of the Chukotka Autonomous Region of Russia. The region is thinly populated, barren and desolate. While the area of Chukotka is about 738,000 sq.km, the population is only 110,000 people.
Anadyr with a population of about 15,000 people is the main town in the region and the place where the government of Chukotka is based. The governor of Chukotka region is well-known Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich. He was elected in December, 2000.

Anadyr town is in the Artic climate zone, which means that nine months of the year the ground is covered with snow. The temperatures might be quite low in the most severe winters they rich minus 40 C.
The town stands on the Anadyr River with the largest watershed in the Russian Far East. The flora and fauna of the river are unique and diverse. There are more than 600 species of vascular plants, about 800 species of mosses and lichens and over 400 species and subspecies of fresh water invertebrates.

There are ten species of salmon that inhabit the river, including the Russian Far Easts largest stock of chum salmon. Among 145 species of birds, 34 are listed in the Red Book of the Russian North East.
Native and non-native population greatly dependent on fishing.


The city is struggling to connect itself to the global economy. Having rich resources of gas, it supplies it to the other regions of Russia and foreign countries.


The CityToday

The population of Anadyr has been fluctuating in recent Church of Saint Trinityyears, as people migrate away from Chukotka in the tough economic times, and among the people who live in Anadyr one can find different nationalities. The majority of Anadyrs population today consists of immigrants to the region, mainly Russians and Ukrainians.
With a population of about 15,000 people, Anadyr is the largest city in Chukotka. It looks like a typical Soviet town with symbols of Soviet era like Lenin statues and block apartments. The Arctic climate is brutal on infrastructure, so as in almost any other Russian cities many streets and sidewalks of the town need repair. Recently there have been some renovation projects underway. The center of Anadyr is the cross of Otke and Rultytegina Streets. Regardless of the town look, the people are easy-going and friendly, so it is a quite pleasant place to visit.


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