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PermPerm is one of the biggest cities in the Ural region. The city lies near the Ural mountains which are a natural border between Europe an Asia. Perm stands on the both banks of Kama River, the tributary of the Volga River, the forth longest European River (1,805 km).
Population of the city is about 1026.8 thousand people.

Perm was founded on May 17, 1723 as an industrial community of the workers of the copper plant. In 1780 it was given the status of the city.
From the end of XVIII till the end of XIX century Perm had been an important location on the way to Siberia and Far East. Many exiles, including well-known Russian writers and politicians like Korolenko and Gertsen, traveled through Perm to their final destinations. This contributed to the increased political and intellectual activity of the Perm inhabitants. Partly because of this democratic and revolutionary ideas were always popular in the region.
After the revolution, at the end of 1920s, the Bolsheviks came to power and the life changed radically. The city continued to grow and many plants and enterprises working in the fields like aviation, ship building, chemistry and the like were built in Perm. During the World War II many plants were transferred to Perm from the European part of Russia. In 1950s the pulp and paper plant, cable plant and other communication enterprises as well as electrotechnical and polygraphy plants were built in Perm. The food and textile industry continued growing as well.

The City TodayPerm
Perm has become one of the major administrative, industrial, scientific and cultural centres as well as an important transport hub. It is a largely industrial city, so the architecture is quite boring and unattractive. It has a river port with the ships coming from 5 European seas — White Sea, Black Sea, Sea of Azov, Caspian Sea and Baltic Sea. The railway and motorway network connects the Perm region with the neighbouring regions of Ural, Siberia, Far East, European part of Russia, Moscow and Saint-Petersburgh. Regular flights connect Perm with more than 60 cities of Russia and other countries.
Today there are about 150 plants in Perm, including machine building and metal-working, chemical, oil and chemical, wood, paper, polygraphy and energy plants. The fleet of the Kama River, 13 railway stations and 2 airports connect the centre of the West Urals region with many Russian cities and foreign countries.

Places To See
While in Perm, tourist might be interested in visiting the Perm Art Gallery which houses a rich collection of icons. There is also the Ethnographic Museum at Komsomolsky Prospect, 6. Sergei Diagilev Museum is at Sibirskaya str, 33.


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