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Region centers: Kirov


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KirovKirov (formerly Vyatka) is a city and administrative centre of Kirovskaya region, located in western part of Russia, on the Vyatka River. The city was founded as Khlynov in 1181 by traders from Novgorod and became the centre of the “Vyatka Lands,” settled by Russians in the 14th to the 15th century. In 1489 it was captured by Moscow. Renamed Vyatka in 1780, it became a provincial seat, but development was slow, and it was used as a place of exile. In 1934 the city was renamed for the Soviet official Sergey M. Kirov. Today, railways radiate from Kirov to Perm, Kotlas, Vologda, and Nizhny Novgorod. The city's once-renowned handicraft industries have been replaced by large-scale, modern industries, particularly nonferrous metalworking, engineering, tire making, and timber working. There are teacher-training and agricultural institutes and a library founded by the Russian revolutionary leader and writer A.I. Herzen during his exile there in the 1840s. Population of the city is 491 thousand people.

The Kirov regional museum is one of the oldest museums of local lore in the country. In 2006 the museum celebrated its 140th anniversary. Today its a important educational establishment, the center of regional study, collection and study of history, culture, and nature of Vyatskaya land. Yearly museum is attended by more than 150 thousand people. Durent last years the museum was the organizer of the regional and All-Russian and international scientific conferences: "Swedes and Russian North", "Ecology - culture - education", "European North in the in a cultured way- educational process" and others.


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