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Region centers: Tyumen


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TyumenTyumen is situated in West Siberia, 2144 km from Moscow. Sometimes it is called the Dallas of Siberia. It is the administrative centre (the capital) of the Tyumen region that stretches to the Arctic and is rich in gas and oil.

Tyumen is the first Russian town in Siberia. It was founded in 1586 on the basis of the Tartar city called Chingi-Tur which was conquered by Russian troops in 1581. In 1709 the city became the part of the large Siberian Province.
Tyumen is an important location on the trade routs connecting Siberia and China. In XIX century the economic importance of the city grew because of start of navigation on the rivers in 1840s and construction of railway from Yekaterinburg in 1885. The XIX century was the period of rapid development of ship building, fish industry and other different services.
In 1930 the first University was opened in Tyumen. It was the Agriculture Teachers Institute. At the same time the first busses appeared in the city and the first cinema called Tempo welcomed the first audience. In 1936 the first high school was built. By 1940 (before the World War II) some kinds of ships, equipment, furniture, fur coats, footwear and many other products had been produced in Tyumen.
During the World War II, about 22 plants from occupied areas had been transferred into the city. They all were working during the war. At that time, the city supplied tanks, motorbikes, mines, coats, footwear and food for soldiers.
On August 14 1944 Tyumen became the centre of the huge Map of Tyumen, 1701 yearTyumen Oblast (Region). After the war the plants were re-equipped to produce goods that were required in the peace time.
1957 was the year of the first TV broadcast.
The new epoch in the history of the city began when rich deposits of gas and oil were found. The exploitation began in 1970s and many new plants were built. In 1966 the government started construction of the Tyumen – Tobolsk – Surgut – Nizhnevartovsk rail route. Tyumen became the main staging post in delivery of freights to the North.
Oil and gas from Tyumen now go to different part of Russia and even to some foreign countries.

The House Museum of XIX-XXth Century History is located at Respubliki str. 18.
The Town Hall Museum located at Respubliki str. 2 contains stuffed animals, mammoth fossils.
The Marsharov Mansion Museum located at Lenina str 24 is a house of a rich factory owned who lived in XIX century. 
As for the churches, there are the Cathedral of the Holy Cross built in 1837 (Semakova str 13) and the Church of St. Peter and Paul with the black-domed Cathedral of Trinity Monastery inside which is now being renovated.


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