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Region centers: Maikop


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MaikopMaykop is the administrative center of the Republic of Adygeya. It stands on the Belaya River. Maykop is one of the clearest and most beautiful towns in Russia. The population is 166,000 people. Maikop is located 1670 km from Moscow and 160 km from the city of Krasnodar.

Maykop was founded in 1857 on the right steep bank of the Belaya, in the land of the Adygs, as a Russian fortress surrounded by a ditch and a high wall.

In 1858-1863, at the final stage of the Caucasian war, it was an important strategic point in conquest of Cherkessia: ways of all military units of Russia,Mosque going from central provinces to Transkubania, converged here. Uyezd (canton) city since 1870. By the beginning of the 1990s, Maykop had engineering plants and metal-cutting enterprises (a machine tool plant, an engineering plant, a reducer works, Stankonormal, Tochradiomash, Promsvyaz), furniture and woodworking industry (PО Druzhba), food industry (meat-processing plants, a dairy factory, a sweating factory, etc.), light industry (a clothes factory, a shoe factory, a cordage factory, etc.); production of building materials. State single-area power station.

The city has a teacher-training institute and an institute of the Adygey language, history, economy and literature. There are two drama theatres in the city, an Adygey and a Russian ones. Philharmonic society. A museum of history and local lore and the North Caucasian branch of the State museum of Oriental peoples' art.


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