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Region centers: Tambov


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The administrative center of the Tambov region, Tambov city stands on the left bank of the Tsna TambovRiver in the central part of European Russia.

Tambov was founded in 1636 as a fortress. At that time, the complex of fortresses was built to defend the Muscovite State, which was centered on present-day Moscow, against the attacks from the south and east by the Tatars and Kalmyks.
Tambov became an administrative center of the region by the XVIII century. Mr. Derzhavin, the famous Russian poet was the Governor of the territory from 1786 to 1788.

Tambov is located along the upper Tsna River that is not navigable, in the rich agricultural region of the Volga River basin. However, it is primarily an industrial city. The most developed industries include machine tools and chemical industry equipment production. Factories also produce construction materials and textiles.
Tambov is situated at the junction of railroads connecting the cities of Michurinsk, Saratov and Kamyshin.

The City Today
Tambov is a typical example of a colourful Russian province still retaining the glamour, beauty and spirit of real Russia. It is rather an old city with beautiful Orthodox churches, green parks, picturesque landscapes and hospitable, good-natured people.

The cityТs cultural life is saturated. Those who like music, theatre, painting, and history will find much interesting here. There is one of the oldest of RussiaТs drama theatres, a picture gallery, many museums and memorials and the city concert hall, where folk festivals and variety of shows often take place.

Tambov has several museums, including museums of regional history and painting. In the funds of the Tambov museums there are many canvases by the artists of the XVIII-XIX centuries and other interesting works of art. Most of them are kept in the Tambov Museum of Regional Ethnography. The Pushkin Public Library, the largest educational and scientific centre of the region, offers a wide selection of books.

There are two universities, several research institutes, medical, pedagogical and business colleges. Tambov city and the Tambov region are known as a homeland for many outstanding scientists, writers, poets, musicians, and statesmen, including the world famous composer Sergei Rachmaninoff.

There is a XVII and XVIII century cathedrals located in the city. The main places of interest are the Pokrovskaya Church (1763-69), the Kazanskaya Church (1791), the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral (1694).


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