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Region centers: Barnaul


This city is a regional center of 0

BarnaulBarnaul City is the capital of Altai territory.  It is situated in the mouth of the river Barnaulka, on a high bank of the river Ob and has rather cut relief and picturesque landscape.

The exact date of foundation is unknown. But Barnaul was established due to a melting process plant built in 1720, 1730 or 1739. The plant opening is connected in its turn with founding one of the richest mining in the region. Thats why the majority of monuments are connected with mining industry.  For instance, an Altaic regional museum is situated in the building of former mining laboratory of the 19th century. Today, its exhibition represents the worlds known history of Ulanskaya dwelling site. By the way, in opinion of some scientists, the very first human being appeared in Altai.

Monuments of Andronov and Sarmat culture are also exibited in the museum.
The collection of mining engineering is very full and interesting: models, miners working tools.

The Altai Territory state art museum, the history literature museum, the art and culture museum are worth visiting.

BarnaulThe museum of Local Lore was opened in Barnaul in 1823. So our Museum is one of the first Museums in Russia. It's funds were: P.Frolov a progressive public man, the head of Kolyvan-Voskresensk mining district and F. Gebler doctor of Medicine, a naturalist and an explorer of the Altai. Today the museum collection numbers over 130000 monuments of natural history, material and spiritual culture. Especially rich are collections on archeology, ethnography, history of mining business. the collection of maps and rare books contains about five hundred copies. Annually about 120 thousand people visit the museum.

The entertaining industry is well developed in Barnaul. There are modern clubs, 6 big cinemas, a lot of restaurants, cafes, casinos, two entertaining parks "Sunny wind" and "Altai-park" in the city.

Barnaul is a city of theatres. There are theatres for admires of all styles: musical comedy theatre, state fantoccini theatre "Skazka" (Tale), Vasily Shukshin Altai regional drama theatre and a lot of other.

Barnauls planetarium is one of the most famous in the country. It was founded in 1950, and in 1964 here was established a device Malyj Zeis of a German company Carl Zeis Jena. You can see a stellar map of the Northern hemisphere (about 6000 stars) in a hall of the planetarium; state and dynamic effects let see the Sun, the Moon, a comet, meteoritis chower and get closer to mane other mysteries of the universe.

Barnaul is hospitable and beautiful. Old central streets with one-storey wooden houses neighbour to wide highways and modern blocks in the outskirts. This makes the city look charming.


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