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Region centers: Samara


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SamaraSamara region is located in a southeast part of the European territory of Russia. It occupies the area of 53,6 thousand sq. km. It is stretched for 335 kms from north to the south and for 315 kms from west to east. In north it borders on Republic Tatarstan, in the south - with Saratov region, in east - with the Orenburg region, in northwest - with the Ulyanovsk region. Being located on the left bank of the Volga River it is very attractive for Samara tourism. The guests of this region prefer to spend in Samara their holiday, because it is one of the best places for active rest and sightseeing. January 1, 1851 is the date of Samara Gubernia formation, based on the Senate decree from December 6, 1850. But the historical saucers of Samara lead to the Middle Ages, when in 1586 Samara Fortress had been built. It was situated along the Middle and Lower Volga to protect Russia from the devastating nomad attacks.

According to the last general census of the population the number of the constant Samara inhabitants has made 3239,8 thousand people. It is the 12th place in Russia.

Samara Russia travel gives the opportunity to know many interesting facts from the rich history of this region. Being occupied in the late Paleolithic period by the first human tribes, then the territory of Mid-Volga region was exposed to Scythian and Sarmatian raids. In the 10th century the Russians had gained a victory over the Tatars, which brought independence to the inhabitants of the Volga region.

Samara region is one of the conducting Russian industrial centers distinguished by significant variety of industries. Now industrial complex consists of about 400 large and average enterprises and more than 4 thousand small. The greatest development was received by such industries, as mechanical engineering and metal working, fuel, electropower, chemical and petrochemical and colour metallurgy.

Samara tours are very interesting and cognitive. The guests from all parts of the world can travel to Samara and visit its historical places, museums and monuments. It is necessary to recommend visiting Alexei Tolstoy Museum, where the famous Russian writer had created his undying works. Taking Samara tour dont forget about including in your program the Stalins Bunker excursion a new museum, which is located in Stalins secure place.

While your Samara travel dont forget about the cultural life of the region. Book the tickets to the Drama Theatre, the Opera and Ballet House, the Theatre of Young Spectators and the Puppet Theatre.

Samara is the multinational and multiconfessional region, so there are different Orthodox Russian, Catholic and Anglican churches and a large mosque here. And you can visit all of them during Samara travels.

From 1935 up to 1990 Samara carried the name Kuibyshev, but in 1990 the city was renamed again.


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