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Region centers: Chelyabinsk


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ChelyabinskChelyabinsk city is situated on the banks of the Miass River, at the southern foots of the Urals Mountains. The geographical location of this Chelyabinsk region center makes it very attractive for the tourists from different countries, choosing Chelyabinsk travel because of its unique territory. Being founded between Europe and Asia it has all the specific features of this two continents. According to the official information there live about 3.5 million of people in Chelyabinsk region now, and one third of them - about 1,143,000 people - live in its capital. During their Chelyabinsk travel the guests can visit 30 towns, 24 districts, 30 urban and 1261 rural settlements, which are the parts of Chelyabinsk region and occupy the territory of 88.5 thousand square km.

Chelyabinsk was founded in September 1736 as a sentry fortress on the way from grain- raising Trans-Ural to Orenburg. Up to the 1740s it had transformed to the coal-trading and agricultural center. But the status of town was awarded to Chelyabinsk only in 1781. In the middle of the last century Chelyabinsk turned to the industrial city. It happened because of the first steel plant construction, which marked the beginning of Chelyabinsk industrial growth. The World War II opened a new page in the history of this city, which had got a nickname of Tankograd or Tank town. Many factories from the hot points of the Soviet Union were evacuated to Chelyabinsk. Their new task was to change the direction of their production and to make military engineering. Birch

The continental climate of Chelyabinsk region determines its temperature conditions and the durations of seasons. If you prefer the winter Chelyabinsk travel, you must take it from November to March, when the night temperature can fall up to 22 or 27ºC. But sometimes the weather gives a surprise as a frost of 35ºC. But if you like summer Chelyabinsk travel, choose the tour from June to August, when the average temperature is over +23ºC. The beautiful lakes, evergreen forests and majestic mountains are the specific features of South Urals landscape. During your Chelyabinsk travel you can look round more than 2,000 lakes, including the famous Uvildy and Turgoyak Lakes.

Being an industrial center, Chelyabinsk demonstrates the best results of the industrial production volume and according to the regional production takes one of the first places among the Russian regions. To no small degree this is promoted by presence of huge amount of various natural minerals, which are found in more than 300 deposits. The most important of them are talc and graphite, gold and quartz, copper-zink ores and refractory raw materials. It is necessary to mention the possibility of cladding stone extraction, an unlimited reserve of which is one of the Chelyabinsk region advantages. The main role in the economy of Chelyabinsk plays the metallurgical complex, which includes over 78 thousands factories, plants and other industrial scientific organizations. Their task is to increase heavy chemicals, steel, zinc, metal alloys and agricultural machinery production.

ChurchOne of the famous features for your Chelyabinsk travel is the possibility of various ways of making a tour. It is very important for every region development to be in the center of transport roads. Chelyabinsk region occupies a very favorable position, being connected with the center of our country by the Trans-Siberian Railroad. The airport gives the opportunity to fly not only to the different cities of our country, but also to the foreign states. Traveling by car you can simply reach Kazakhstan, Bashkorkostan and Siberia. The citizens of Chelyabinsk can choose the best route, taking one of the 23 tram, 26 trolleybus and about 100 bus lines.

Chelyabinsk is also known as the cultural center. Choosing Chelyabinsk travel you take a chance of sightseeing the 29 museums, including the Museum of Local Lore, The Museum of Fine Arts and the Picture Gallery. The inhabitants and visitors of Chelyabinsk have an opportunity to visit 5 state and 4 municipal theatres. The Chelyabinsk academic theatre of drama is one of the largest theatrical collectives of Russia, which is known not only in our country, but widely outside. The active participation in cultural life of city is accepted also by a philarmonic society, organ hall, circus, 19 cinemas, municipal jazz centre, centre of modern art, a number of TV and radio-companies.


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