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Region centers: Voronezh


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VoronezhVoronezh is an administrative center of the Voronezhskaya region. It is situated on the Voronezh River near its flowing into the Don. The most of the city, including its historical centre is located on its high right bank. Voronezh was founded in 1586 for defending Russian lands. In 1696 Peter I began ship building on the Voronezh River banks. The city became the biggest ship-building centre of that time. By the end of the 17th century it was the biggest trade centre in Russias south. Voronezh of today is the capital of the Central Black Earth Belt area, an area with considerable economic advantage.

There are created favourable conditions for active and cultural rest in the city. There are a lot of parks, gardens, sport- and rest-centres.

A few monuments have been preserved after the Second World War. Among them is a Stony Bridge. Its building is connected with the name of Peter I.

VoronezhA two-storey Northern bridge is remarkable for its construction. Its low level is for cars, and its upper one is for trams.

Admiralty square is now situated on the place of Peter Itimes shipyard. It opens a view over a water storage. The same view is opened from Theatre square, where Pokrovskaya (the Protection (of the Virgin)) church of the 17th century stands.

Prospectus of Revolution is one of the main sightseeing. It used to be called Big Noble Street. The most interesting building along it is the building of a fatoccini Shut (Clown) in medieval style. Here is also located a monument to Beliy Bim (a character of Gavriil Troepolsky story Belij Bim, chernoe ukho (White Bim, black ear). Bim is the name of the dog). 

I.A.Bunin, A.P.Platonov, and I.S.Nikitin were born in Voronezh.


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