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11.11.2009 - Entombment of First Nomad Empire Unearthed
Archaeologists from Siberia successfully finished their expedition to Mongolia, where they unearthed entombment of Khunnu chiefs. Khunnu people were famous for creating first ever nomad empire in the first millennium BC in Central Asia. Great Wall of China was built to protect Chinese people from Khunnu. Researchers from the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography (Siberian branch of Russian Academy of Sciences) unearthed items of Chinese and Antique origins, a lacquered Chinese chariot, for instance. Chinese emperors used to present them to chiefs of barbarian tribes. Another interesting finding is an Antique silver plate, with a satyr with a horsetail and Artemis goddess. The findings of items, which should have been thousands of kilometres away from each other indicate tastes and preferences of Khunnu noblemen and their connections with different centres of ancient civilizations. Source: Science News 
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