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Regions of Russia: Kemerovskaya region

Kemerovskaya region

Region center of Kemerovskaya region is Kemerovo

The Kemerovskaya region is situated in the southeast of West Siberia. The region is in the sixth time zone. The northern edge point of the area is on the border of Mariinsk administrative district with Tomsk region, the southern one is in spurs of the Abakan Mountains on the junction of borders of Republic of Gorny Altai and Khakassiya. The eastern edge point is in Tyazhinsky district, but the western - in Yurginsky district.

The Kemerovskaya region is situated in moderate widths, between 5208' and 5654' northern width, and 8433' and 8928' eastern longitude. It corresponds to widths of Chelyabinsk, Moscow, Kaliningrad and Kamchatka regions in Russia and such cities and states in Western Europe as Warsaw, Berlin, Danmark, the Hague, Wales and Ireland.

The administrative borders of the Kemerovskaya region are on land (without sea-way). In the North it borders with the Tomskaya region, in the East with the Krasnoyarskaya region and the Republic of Khakassiya. In the South borders pass on the mountains of Hilly Shoriya and Salairsky ridge with the Altai, in the West - on plain with Novosibirskaya region. The extent of the Kemerovskaya region from the North to the South is nearly 500 km, from the West to the East - 300 km.

The administrative center of the region is Kemerovo City. The distance from Moscow is 3482 km, time difference is + 4 hours. The total area of the Kemerovskaya region is 95.5 thousand square kilometers. The population is about 2967.7 thousand people.

The climate of the Kemerovskaya region is sharply continental: winter - cold and long, summer - short, but warm. Solar radiance on the territory of the region happens to 1722 - 2186 hours. This index in Moscow region is 1585 hours, in Sochi - 1980 and in Sukhumi - 2200 hours.

Average temperature of a year varies from - 1.4 to +1.0. Average temperature in Kemerovo - in January - 19.2, in July + 18.6. The highest temperature in the Kemerovskaya region reaches +38 in summer, but in winter the lowest one reaches -54 in the South, and -57 in the North.

Hilly Shoriya is called Siberian Switzerland for its natural resources and beauty. Hilly Shoriya occupies the southern part of the Kemerovskaya region, where the ridges of the northeastern Altai, Kuznetsk Alatau and Salair mountain ridge converge into the complex knot. The mountainous area of Hilly Shoriya extends from the North to the South for 170 kilometers, from the West to the East - for 100 kilometers, the area of the Hilly Shoriya is 13,5 thousand square kilometers (14,1% of entire territory of Kemerovskaya region). Hilly Shoriya - mountain country separated by river valleys. In the center section The Shorskiy ridge is located. The highest point of the ridge is the mountain Pustag ("ice mountain") with height of 1560 m and made of granit. Pustag is characterized by unique wild nature. Its slopes are covered by taiga forests and mossy- bushy tundra. Here bright Alpine meadow flowers are next to the long-standing snow fields, and in the neighborhood with them rise the whimsical chunks of granite remains, resembling the walls of some destroyed palaces.

The sport and health-improvement tourism here actively is developed: mountain-skiing, hiking, water tourism, horse riding. Hunting and fishing are developed. Several sanatoriums function on the base of mineral sources. Possessing the unique resources of recreational potential, Hilly Shoriya  is capable of becoming the region of tourism and leisure of All-Russian and world level.

By museums quantity Kemerovskaya reguib is among the first dozen of Russias region. A nature-reserve Tomskaya pisanitsa is on the list of the UNESCO. It is a place of folk holidays and international confessions, located in a village Pisanaya (Yashkinsky region).

A nature reserve Kuznetsky Altau, on the territory of which more than 40 kinds of endangered plants and 42 kinds of endangered animals were discovered, is also quite famous.


KemerovoKemerovo city is one of the largest industrial centers of the Russian Federation. It is situated in the southern part of Western Siberia. Kemerovo is a capital of Kuzbass, the region rich in coil. The town was founded in 1918. Its population is about 600 thousand people.There are many beautiful parks, streets, squares and buildings in Kemerovo. The town is glorious by its architectural monuments, cultural and educational institutions.Theatres of the city include: drama, operetta, puppet show. There is a also a Philarmonic hall in the city, a circus.
Museums of the city include: regional, fine arts, "Krasnaya Gorka" museum-reserve.


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