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Regions of Russia: Amurskaya region

Amurskaya region

Region center of Amurskaya region is Blagoveschensk

Amurskaya regionThe Amurskaya region is famous for natural reserve plentifulness. Hilly landscapes and affluent rivers create remarkable image of the area.

The state nature reserve Norskij is situated in the interstream area of the Selemdja and the Nora Rivers. Wildilfe of the Northern Amur River basin is preserved in the nature reserve.

Another state nature reserve is on the bank of the Zejsky waterstorage, it was created for keeping hilly landscapes of the northern-western Amur River basin safe and for studying environmental changes.

Khingansky state nature reserve is situated, where terrace meadows of the Middle Amur flow into the foothill of Malyj Khingan. Untouched landscapes are preserved in the nature reserve.

Conveying system is well developed in the Area. Ship trips down the Amur River are especially interesting. A trip by train is also very exciting. Trans Siberian and Baikal Amur lines are well known abroad Russia. This trip will make never-to-be-forgotten impression!

The region is rich with archeological discoveries. S.c. dinosaurs cemetery in Kundur is one of the most striking sightseeing.  More than a thousand dinosaurs bones was found here. Another big cemetery was found near a regional centre Obluchje. A new unknown before kind was discovered and named Amursaur.

Amurskaya regionThe south are of the Far East in the Amurskaya region is rich in nature resources. Local mineral springs are healing and they match up with ecologically pure nature.

The climate varies greatly in the district. Cold, fine winter attracts extreme-lovers; hot summer creates perfect conditions for a classical beach rest.

The Amurskaya region is interesting and attractive for fisherment and hunters. About 60 per cent of its total area is forests inhabited with bear, boar, hare, elk, and other species.

The region is also an agricultural leader of the Far East. Reindeer is developed in the north what gives the region especial feautres.

Visit the Amurskaya Region and it will open the plentifulness of gorgeous nature. Mountains and meadows, rivers and forests amazing impression!


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