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Regions of Russia: Chuvashiya


Chuvashia is a magnificent cosy corner of Povolzhye with an interesting combination of antiquity and modernity. There are excellent natural conditions, pine and oak forests here.
The tourist and sanatorium branch in Chuvash Republic is represented by more than 30 tourist companies and by more than 20 sanatoriums and houses of rest that offer practically all kinds of tourism, rest and business meetings. They develop health-improving, cultural, cognitive, pilgrimage, hunting, fishing tours in Chuvashia and Russia, cruises and outings along the Volga River, excursion bus tours to Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Sochi, and Berlin.
A unique appearance of the historical part of the capital of Chuvashia, restored relics of orthodox Christianity attract Russian and foreign tourists making boat tours. Only in 2002, by the Volga River more than 50,000 tourists arrived in Cheboxary, including about 5,000 foreign tourists.
There is a lot to see in Chuvashia - halls and depositories of the Republican state art museum, of the Chuvash national museum, exhibition halls and art showrooms, galleries, numerous theme museums of the capital and small towns of the republic the Museum of cosmonautics, Geological museum, Museum of beer, Literary museum, Museum of the Great Patriotic war, Museum of V.I.Chapayev and tens of local lore and ethnographic museums protect unique treasures of the national talent and national wisdom. In the Vvedensky cathedral, a monument of culture of the 17th century, there is a unique relic - icon of the Vladimir God's mother - used by the father Guriy at laying the fortress.
29.jpgA favourable geographic situation and climate create conditions for treatment of many diseases. The Cheboxary regional centre of Eye Microsurgery intersectoral research and technology complex, the Republican centre of acupuncture and traditional medicine own unique medical technologies.
A high standard of curative effect is achieved in the Chuvashia mud-bath hospital, as well as in Cheboxary balneosanatorium. The essential factor for attracting tourists to the republic is the development of medical tourism on the basis of mineral waters. For some time past tens of thousands inhabitants of the republic and other regions of Russia, countries of the CIS took recreation course in the republican houses of rest.
Unique environment of Chuvashia - climate, rivers and lakes, forests specially protected natural territories, vast ecologically pure territories of the state reserve Prisurskii, National park "Chavash varmane" (Chuvash forest), five hunting sanctuaries are objects of ecological and hunting tourism. Due to availability of hydrogen sulphide sources, which by their qualities are not inferior to Mazesta mineral waters in a number of regions of Chuvashia and medical mud, in 1985 on the left coast of the Volga, in the reserved zone of the natural park Zavolzhye.
Year-roundly for you is the Volga family route, the Volga equestrian route will invite you to a horseback riding in summer and in winter - on a sledge. The Volga mountain-skiing route will please you by unexpectedly interesting route in any winter weather. And the Volga water and the Volga boat routes all the summer round offer the travellers fishing and fish soup tours, camp-fire evening hours and spending the night in a hunting hut.
People of the land of hundred thousand words, hundred thousand songs and hundred thousand embroideries are of great interest for tourists and are of the largest value on Chuvash land. They have managed to keep the original culture, traditions, crafts and trades - unique embroidery, exotic costumes, ceremonial holidays connected with ancient beliefs of pagan Chuvashes, with preparation of the national drink - Chuvash beer.
Chuvashes try to keep all the significant of the past: in the republic under state protection there are 655 monuments of history and culture, including 177 monuments of archaeology, 120 - of history, 346 of architecture, and 12 of art. The towns of Cheboxary, Alatyr, Mariinskii Posad, Tsivilsk and Yadrin are included in the list of the historical settled places of the Russian Federation.
Valuable buildings - monuments, cultural layer, and units of ancient design have been preserved here. These ancient towns of the Russian province are of great interest in development of tourist-excursion routes in the Volga region. 
Conditions for good rest and treatment, for hunting and fishing, river travels, horse riding and mountain skiing allow speaking about Chuvash Republic as one of perspective tourist zones of Russia. A network of comfortable hotels of the capital offers a high level service. Souvenir production is developing in the sphere of trade.

The capital of the Republic is Cheboksary. The city was first mentioned in the chronicles in 1469. There was erected a fortress by order of Ivan the Terrible in Cheboksary in 1555, but its wooden walls burnt out in 1704. There has remained just the church of Feast of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin since then, which witnessed the citys foundation.

Cheboksary is rich in architectural monuments of ancient times. Conditionally the city is divided into four ancient parts: Central, Vladimirskaya hill, Western and Eastern hill-sides.

There are excursions through the citys historical centre. They consist of visiting the church of Feast of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin, where Chuvashs first icon of the 15th century Mother of Vladimir is situated. Michael the Archangel church is interesting among citys centers attractions.

There used to be a port in the region of Vladimirskaya hill. Nowadays, the hill strikes with its peculiarity: it resembles an artificial mound. They say, that Vladimirskaya hill is of artificial origin. Its unique attraction is the most ancient on the citys territory necropolis. A merchant Efremov built here an original architectural construction a burial-vault, where he was later buried with his wife.

St.Trinity church grandeur ensemble in situated on the Western side-hill. The main building is St.Trinity cathedral. The Eastren side-hill is formed by a high bank of the Volga over the Gulf of Cheboksary. Exceptional monuments of stony architecture have remained here: the church of Resurrection (1758), rich decorated with Chuvashia bricklayers, artists, engravers works.

The gulf of Cheboksary represents an independent attraction of the city. It is decorated with marvelous fountains and fine bridges. There is open one of the best views over the Old City from the Moscow Bridge. A magnificent architectural ensemble Opera and ballet theatre, Philharmonic society, the palace of children and youth creative works is situated on the banks of the gulf.

Cheboksary is distinguished by its museums. Fine art is represented in Chuvashia state art museum and Chuvashia art museum (the show halls of Russian and foreign art). Chuvashia national museum familiarizes with Chuvash national traditions, their way of life and culture. There is also V.I.Chapaev museum, K.Ivanov literature museum. An original beer museum attracts tourist attention. The museum has been established for purpose: Chuvashia is the region of Russias hop and beer. The museum makes guests familiar with Chuvashia national drink and hop-growing one of the main agricultural fields. There is held annually a traditional fair-festival Russias hop and beer.

Finding yourself in Cheboksary, you will see grandeur architecture of the ancient city, where Chuvashia and Russian culture harmonically math each other. Cheboksary strikes with magnificent Volgian expansions and numerous nature and cultural attractions of ancient centuries and the present.


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