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Regions of Russia: Sakhalin region

Sakhalin region

Region center of Sakhalin region is Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Russian islands in the Pacific Ocean are available all year round for discovering by  tourists in untouched subtropics peculiarly matching polar cold. The Sakhalin region is rich in climate and nature resources, variety of which in a relatively closed geographical zone is incredibly valuable. Being located in mid latitudes, the islands of this region are splendid in varied plentifulness: in the southern Kurils grows subtropical linn, in the north of Sakhalin arctic deers raven on reindeer moss, fluffy white-coat seals start their lives in ice.

The region is able to impress even extremely exacting travelers. Both Sakhalin and the Kurils are wonderful. In Kuril islands you will find mountains with white threads of waterfalls. So Sour Brook, for instance, appears on the volcano of Mendeleev (Kunashir Island). Its water is warm and tastes as if diluted with lemon. There are three volcanoes on the island Tyatya, Mendeleev and Golovin. Moreover, here is situated Boiling Lake (the water doesnt boil but bubbles because of sulfurous gas release). That is to say, local nature allows jollies lovers to feel underground power of the planet.

A real wonder of the Kunashir Island is Cape Stolbchaty. It got its name from the cliffs, which look like stratified columns of different refuse stones. This is the result of a distant eruption.

Kunashir, the most southern island of the Great Kurils Ridge is a unique nature monument of the reserve Kurilsky, consisting of the Small Kurils Ridge isles. Waterfalls, hot springs, fumarole, dark coniferous, broad leaf and mixed forests with lianas and bamboos, spawning streams, place of inhabitance of fish owl, Japanese crane; impoundment dams, alpine vegetation, Chinese magnolia vine plantation, salaries; ancient human beings dwelling sites reserves treasures are countless.

The whole Kutils Ridge is a volcano chain, including underwater and isle volcanoes.

Red-hot magma is doming in the depth of the Kurils. You can take a swim in hot water any season. Sometimes it is just about hefting a stone, when steam pours in. This is a high seismic activity region. It shakes here regularly.

Soft winter of the south keeps coat of snow for rarely long (6 months) not only over numerous mid-high mountains peaks but also along the valleys. If needed, mountain skiers can prolong the season for two more months on the highest in Sakhalin mountain of Lopatin, which is located in the middle part of the island.

Great variety of mineral waters and muds, hot springs of the Sakhalin region satisfies a very wide range of medical needs. An opportunity to get a course of exceptional and moderately priced ophthalmologic treatment by the procedure of Svyatoslav Fyodorov in the interbranch scientific and technical complex of eye laser microsurgery can be very attractive for many tourists.

Deer team and snowmobiles races, risky bear hunting, horse back riding, exciting fishing, water entertainment (yachts, water skies, diving) and lots of other things are waiting for you in the Sakhalin region.

It is the Sakhalin region where the highest in Russia waterfall Iljya Muromets (Iturup island) is situated. It is the aborigines of the North, who can teach you to be a part of nature. It is the Kurils, where you can walk through damp bushes of laminaria, you can observe thalassophilus  small octopuses, amusingly raising themselves on the tentacles on beach sand; echinus; starfish and crabs.  And you may be lucky to see whales and killer whales in the aquatorium of the ocean. You will be amused by local climate contrasts: severe foggy-rainy breath of the Pacific Ocean suddenly changes here to the Okhotsk Sea zone, where it is warm and the sun is shining.

There are the meadows in the Sakhalin region, where among brightly blossom of southern plants you will find yourself in a fairy world, full of elves and dwarves. Especially, when a mysterious fern spreads its carved leaves to you or when green umbels of gigantic beggars-buttons close in a tent over you. The region is also grown in maple, mountain ash, fir-tree, brere, and alder. And Kurils bamboo can be of three meters high on the Iturup island.

So, the Sakhalin region has all the chances to become an international tourism centre, tourist infrastructure is under active development now. Nowadays, there is being performed a grandiose tourist-entertaining project Sakhalin city centre in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.


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