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Regions of Russia: Magadanskaya region

Magadanskaya region

Region center of Magadanskaya region is Magadan

 The Magadan region is situated “on the very edge of the continent”. This is a beautiful and severe region, attracting with its peculiarity, complicated history and romance exciting adventures, the possibility of which in such difficult climate conditions, amid unusual thrilling nature, is very high.  Tourist potential of the region is really explained by its geographical position, relief and historic-economical development features. Magadan is notorious for GULAG (Main Directorate for Corrective Labor Camps) and famous for its mountains, rivers, lakes and other attractions.

Traveling through the Region is especially good for extreme- and sport loving tourists, for both experienced and beginners. For instance, rafting along the Kolyma (2129 km) – I one of the brightest and most exciting routes. Tourist trips of high complexity are available at the feeders of the Kolyma – Omolon, Detrin, Bokhopoch and Buyund.

The Magand region is a mountainous land. Great interest arouse the mountains of the Great Angachak (2293 m), situated on the Kolyma’s left bank. The routes of 1-3 complexity give an opportunity to learn hilly-lake area, where outstanding tops – the peaks Aborigene, Aspiration, Shishak, Challeger – neighbour on picturesque lakes of Jack London, Dancing Graylings, Grey Seagull, Anemone and other. Waterfalls thunder in the rivers’ valleys. The routes can start and end in a village Yagodnoe (Berrylike) and continue to Moj-Upust, Sinegorje (Bluemountains).

A state nature reserve “Magadansky” and a nature park “The lake of Jack London” are situated on the territory of the region. The nature reserve is located on the coast of the Okhotskoe Sea and it is 883, 8 thousands ha. Its various parts are situated both on the continent, and on the Yamskie islands and on the Koni peninsulas. The Sejmchansky area consists of crests, sandlike relief, and callow undrained swamp area. Here and there is deep-frozen soil. Such mysterious variety! But it is not just it! Here is the Lake of Jack London stretched for 10 km lengthwise and 2 km breadthwise 800 m a.s.l. Its depth is about 75 km of most speckles water. There are several islands with an active weather station on one of them, on the Lake. According to observers’ stories, the beauty of here is most incredible and just a very patient and courageous traveler can be gifted an opportunity to feast eyes with one of the world’s best places.

Other attractions of the Great Angachak – the upper Sibiktelekh with the peaks Aspiration (2190 m) and Shishak (2050 m) are popular with mountain trips lovers. There is a startling 100-m cascade step under the Aspiration peak in the valley. Another nature gimmick is the Challenger peak. It looks like a gigantic rock finger – it is half a kilometer up the valley.

The Snejny (Snowy) (2292 m, 1B) peak, which has been found out to be the highest peak since new recent research, is north from the Aborigene in a dividing ridge.

The crest of Great Rifts, which is flushed by the Kolyma river, creating cataracts, is stretched south-east of the Great Angachak. Now they are flooded by the Kolymskoe reservoir.

Valley relict poplar woods are an unusual feature of the Magadan region’s canopy.

Fauna is splendid in the region. Taiga is inhabited with squirrel, chipmunk, hare, vole, elk, sobol, black-billed capercaillie. Rocky taiga is inhabited with bear, fox and ermine. Fauna’s peculiarity is steppe animals which are uncommon for other places of north: black-capped marmot, long-tailed souslik, and mountain sheep. Seabird colonies have a special place in the ornithological complex: 48 mixed and mono species colonies, primarily kittiwakes and slaty-backed gulls, are on the cliffs of the Olsky area. The Yamskie islands’ rookeries are the largest not only in the Okhotskoe Sea but in the whole north Pacific. The Red Book’s (an endangered-species list) fish-hawks, fish owls, duck hawks, Steller’s sea eagle nestle on the reserve’s territory.

There is a rookery in the reserve. In the area of the Koni peninsula you can meet dolphins, killer whales and minked whales. The rivers are fishy with grayling, sucker, and oriental salmons. Hunting is a carte-de-visite of the Magadan region. The fauna, the brightest and most in demand tourist wish, lets enjoy sport fishing and hunting, ecological tours. There are charter helicopter flights for adventurous and fishing tourism organization. There are comfortable accommodations in Khasynsk, Srednekansk, Olsk and Evensk regions for mountainous hunting lovers.Nature

The Magadan region is a splendid place for ethno tourism. Moreover, there are a lot of interesting places here, connected with its history, discover, exploration and the GULAG’s history.

There are likely mineral waters wells in the region – Talskoe, Motyklejskoe, Tavatumskoe – can be the ground for recreation tourism in the near future. Due to the peloids fields near them, this tourist will be soon and fast developed. Today, these medical conditions are being used, unfortunately, in vain.

There are more than 20 hotels in the region, 12 of which are in Magadan. Entertaining, sport and cultural spheres (museums, circuses, show halls, casinos, gyms and fitness centres, restaurants and cafes with varied national dishes choice) are high developed.

There are interesting routes with rafting and fishing, sea tours with crab hunting, bus tours around Kolyma’s Golden ring (it is the name for Kolymskaya and Tenkinskaya highways, which circle cover the noble-metal territory). You can try Robinzon’s life on an island inhabited just with birds and animals; dive under a helf meter ice (to see a starfish, sea-urchin and actinia, sea gherkins and numerous kinds of different fish); rush through a snow-covered forest on a snowmobile; live in a hunting seat on Mak Mak lake; or snowboard in its outskirts.


Magadan cityMagadan is located in a picturesque place amid bald mountains and two bays – the Bay of Nagaev and the bay of Gertner – and Magadan fogs like horrid flicks drift here in summer. That’s why it is cool and rainy here in summer. Just behind the city’s boundary, where fogs fail to reach, and in the central areas of the region summer is good and hot. But it can snow in Magadan already in September, which lies usually till the middle of May.

Magadan is a young city with a difficult biography. It looks modern, what surprises the visitors, because Magadan is mainly associated with the GULAG period, when the whole territory was a king of a huge camp named “Dalstroj”, the exile place for thousands of unwanted by the Stalin regime people. It was that time, in the 30s, when these people were made to found the street of a city-to-be, which became Chukatka’s and Far North-East’s nature resources exploration point. And that time first pioneer expeditions under Y.A.Bilibin and V.A.Tsaregradsky confirmed scientists’ outlooks for the Kolyma River’s gold mineralization and this outback territory’s great economic future. In taiga wilderness through cold desert bogs, and marches, the people, weirded to hard labour, built roads, houses and worked on goldfields. Northern Magadan has become a monument to died from back-breaking work. A lot reminds here of “camp” past. Among the monuments is a famous “A Mask of Grief” by E. Neizvestnyj. “The Kolym region’s capital” is crossed by the Lenin Street – “the longest street in the world” – Magadan citizens joke. Kolymskaya highway starts with it – the main thruway of more than 1000 km.

Central part’s building up resembles St. Petersburg’s one; it was built as per the designs of Moscow and Petersburg architects, coming here in early 30s to explore the region. A lot has been built here by hands of Soviet convicts and Japanese prisoners.

Magadan is a happy fishing ground: navaga, capelin, sparling, flounder, turbot, cabrilla and fiddler crab. Bald mountains around the city can be 150-700 m a.s.l. A neighbouring unit Solnechnyj (Sunny) and a village Snow valley are favourite rest places of both citizens and tourists. In summer you can observe bull-trout, humpback salmon, chum spawning season and autumn gifts tourists with berries and mushrooms.

The Snow valley is 25 km of the city, hidden from winds in high and most beautiful bald mountains. It has its own climate, which allows to sun bathe during skiing and wearing a swim suit. Owing the depth and clean the snow doesn’t thaw till the middle of May.

A long-term ski season starts in the middle of October with sustained snow cover appearance.

Magadan is a port-city. Typical for a coast hard rocks, which stand out on the bald mountains, add the city picturesque.

Moreover, here happen “nightless nights” like in St.Petersburg, when a light day is 19 hours and it doesn’t get dark (these two cities have the same latitude). A holiday “nightless nights’ send-off” is celebrated late in June.

There are several museums, hotels, theaters, cafes and clubs in the city. Tourism is being developed thick and fast: you will be offered most interesting fishing, ornithological, hunting, ecological, historical and geology-discovering tours.

Winter lasts for half a year in Magadan, and sometime longer; temperature varies within 19-38 degree below zero in winter and within 3-16 above zero in summer. But this fact will hardly stop the travelers interested in the city and harsh mysterious land.


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