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Regions of Russia: Voronezhskaya Region

Voronezhskaya Region

Region center of Voronezhskaya Region is Voronezh

Voronezhskaya regionThe Voronezhskaya region is located in the central European part of Russia, approximately 600 km south of Moscow. Its territory stretches 277,5 km from the North to the South and 352 km from the West to the East. It's territory equals 52,4 thousand sq. km, which exceeds the territories of such European countries as Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland. The region is located in the Moscow time zone in the forest-steppe natural zone.

Climate in the territory of region is moderate continental. More than 738 lakes and 2408 ponds, 1343 rivers are situated in the territory of the Voronyezhskaya region. The main river of the Voronyezhskaya region - the Don River, stretches for 1870 km over the territory of the region, forming the basin with an area of 422 000 square kilometers.

In the Voronezhskaya region more than 70 species of mammals, 297 species of birds, 10 species of reptiles, 10 species of amphibious, 53 species of fishesdwell are found. Flora of the region includes 1932 sorts of plants. Today the territory of region occupies 52,4 thousand square kilometers, the population of region is about 2,49 million people.

A foxVoronezh nature reserve is situated 40 km of the region's centre. It is one of the oldest nature reserves in Russia. It was established in 1927 on the boundary of Voronezh and Lipetsk regions for protecting unique landscapes. Pine woods with oakery prevail in the reserve.

Natural resources make the region attractive for hunting and fishing. Here a lot of resorts are situated , preventative clinics are open all year around.

The village Ramon is famous for picturesque scenery and an ancient castle. The castle built in the 18th century belonged to Olga Oldenburgskaya, Peter I descendant.

DivnogorjeThe most ancient monastery in the country has been preserved in the region. It is located in Kostomarovo. Its main showpiece is the Monastery of the Saviour carved in a mountain. It is suspended with huge chalk pillars inside.

A natural historic-archeological reserve “Divnogorje” is situated on a high bank of the Tikhaya Sosna River (Quiet pine tree River), which consists of Large and Small Divas and cave churches. Large and Small Divas represent chalk buttes and chalk pillar sustain church arches.

Chalk rocks can be also met on high banks of the Don River in Belogorje. The cave monastery is located here. Five levels of caves, among which are monks’ cells, cathedral and galleries, go down under the ground.

Borisoglebsk town is world-known for its flying school. There is a bridge in the town, under which Chkalov once flew.

Voronezh horseYou can visit lots of remarkable places, connected with the names of I.A.Bunin, A.P.Platonov, G.N.Troepolsky, A.V.Koltsov, S.Y.Marshak on the territory of the Voronezh region  .

The Voronezhskaya region is glorious by horse breeding. It is the region where Orlovsky trotter was bred.

Tourist infrastructure is well developed in the region, due to rich watery and forestry resources, favorable climate and high-developed railway and automobile road net.


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