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Regions of Russia: Arkhangelskaya region

Arkhangelskaya region

Region center of Arkhangelskaya region is Arkhangelsk

Arkhangelskaya regionThe Arkhangyelskaya region is situated in the north of the European part of Russia. It's coast is 3 thousand kilometers long and washed by cold waters of three Arctic seas: White, Barents and Kara. The area of the region is 587,4 thousand sq. km, population is around 1 million.

lslands Novaya Zemlya and Earth Franz - Joseph are included into the region. In 1992 the Arkhangyelskaya region and the Nenetz autonomous area obtained the subjects of the Russian Federation status.

Arkhangelsk city is the administrative center of region. The largest cities of region include Severodvinsk, Kotlas, Novodvinsk, Koryazhma.

The climate of region is partially continental and maritime. Winter is usually long (up to 250 days) and cold, with the average  -26  and strong winds. Spring comes to southern parts of the region in April,to northern parts - in May. Average summer temperature is around 15 C.

Arkhangelskaya region, Malye KarelyThe Arkhangelskaya Region is reach in water resources. Seventy thousand large and small rivers with a summary length of 275 thousand km are situated here. The largest rivers Northern Dvina, Pechora, Onega and Mezen fall into the Arctic seas.

The population's nationalities of the Arkhangyelskaya region are comparatively homogeneous.  (Russians 94.2%, Ukrainians 2.1%, Belorussians 0.8%, nentsy 0.6%, Komi 0.4%, other nationalities 1.9%).

The Arkhangyelskaya region has significant forest resources: forests occupy the territory of 230 thousand square kilometers. Among trees the most widely spread are: fir tree, pine tree, birch, aspen.

Solovetsky and Malye Karely historical and cultural reserves have brought worlds fame to the region .

Another exceptional architectural complex  is situated on the right bank of the Severnaya Dvina River. This is a village Malye Karely. It is a northern wooden architecture reserve now.

Severodvinsk is located on the coast of the White Sea. It is famous for a stony buildings ensemble of the Nikolo-Karelsky cathedral, mentioned in the chronicles of the year 1419.

Mezen town belongs to the most interesting ancient towns of the region. It was established at the beginning of the 16th century. The northern trade route was through this town. Onega town is situated now on the place of the pomors' ancient settlement. Onega-Kiy historical and architectural museum and St. Cross monastery ensemble, where the Exaltation of the Holy Cross cathedral (1660) and the Nativity church (1660) with a upbuilt two-storey cell corps are located, are its main attractions.

The Solovetsk archipelago
Solovetsk archipelagoThe Solovetsk archipelago is located near the Polar Circle in the western part of the White Sea and consists of numerous small and big islands. The largest island is spread for 25 km in length and 16 in width. These islands are inhabited. Different folks trades have been actively developed. However, the main historical showplace, that has made the islands so famous, is a majestic Solovetsk monastery, nimbed with legends.

It has been a state historical, architectural and nature museum reserve since the 10th of January, 1974. The museum includes more than 250 monuments of history and culture and exceptional landscapes. The museums collection consists of more than 17000 items in its main fund and 48000 items in research and support fund. The historical and culture complex of the Solovki Islands as a part of Solovetsk state museum reserve has been in the List of Worlds Heritage Monuments since the 14th of December, 1992.


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