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Tours: Diveevo - Orthodox Christmas

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3 days.
Murom - Diveevo
Unusual journey. Everyone who came into contact with the life-giving energy of these places, is firmly committed to visit them again and again. Diveevo perceived as only reveal to you a miracle. And talk about him who saw all this as something intimate, surprisingly, is not well understood and not likely to be fully understood.

Day 1 07:45 - Group gathering at the monument of Mikhail Lermontov, metro "Red Gate", on Kalanchev street (see map bus departure). 08:00 - departure from Moscow on the bus with a guide. Directional information in route. Arrive in Murom. Dinner. Bus city tour with a visit to Trinity women's monastery, where the relics of Peter and Fevroniya - Murom saints, patrons of love and marriage. Visit the ancient monasteries - the Annunciation and Transfiguration of the Savior. Oka Park. Monument of Ilya Murom. Historical and Art Museum. Accommodation at the hotel. Magnification and meeting guests by hero Ilya Murom. Refreshment kalachi. Dinner.

Day 2: Early breakfast. Moving to Diveevo. Excursion Diveevo by Seraphim-Diveevo monastery - the holiest site in the Orthodox world. Inspection of existing churches: Trinity Cathedral, Transfiguration Cathedral, Kazan Church. Holy Mother of God groove. Visit the Holy sources in the village Diveevo. Free time. Returning to Murom. Dinner.

Day 3: Late breakfast. Holiday program in DNT (House of Folk Arts - open area) in Murom: folklore program, solo on the accordion. Master class: each will produce a souvenir for himself - Muromskij guardian. Picnic: 250 gr hot mulled wine, vodka 250 grams, the ear on the fire, skewers with onion, potatoes with dill, pickled cucumbers, tea and cakes. Departure to Moscow. Arrival in Moscow.

The price includes:

transport services along the route,
guide the whole route

Accommodation in a hotel in Murom;
food 1 day - lunch, dinner, refreshments, Day 2 - breakfast, dinner Day 3 - breakfast, picnic;

excursions, entrance fees to museums

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