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Tours: Volga River Source and Seliger Lake

Type: Discovery

Tour duration: 5 days

Season: All-year-round

Recommended Group Size: 1-8 PAX
Mode of travel:  car/minibus, on foot

Volga River is the longest river in Europe. The source of Volga River is in Valdai hills in 400 km to the North-West from Moscow and in 20 km of picturesque road  from the hotel Vershina Seligera, located at the shore of  Seliger Lake.    

Seliger Lake was formed as a result of glacier melting thousands years ago. It is a chain of up to 180 basins, connected to one another, stretching over 100 kilometers. There are over 160 islands within the lake.

The lake is situated at one of the 12 world greatest watersheds. Three major rivers of Europe start here: Volga flows towards East, Dnepr - towards South, Western Dvina - towards North.

The lake is frozen 5 months a year, usually from November to May, making snowmobiling, skiing and ice-fishing possible.

On the coast of Seliger Lake you get a fund of vivacity from this silent place among beautiful nature and also an opportunity to get acquainted with local historical and architectural monuments, being property of Russian culture.

Day 1. Arrival at the hotel Vershina Seligera (4*) in Shalabaevo village. Accommodation. Leisure  time. Overnight in the hotel.

Day 2.  Car/minibus excursion (non-guided) to the source of Volga River around 20 km away from the hotel. Visit to the church of St.Olga (XIX century). Leisure time. Optional activities.Overnight in the hotel. (BL)

Day 3. Car/minibus excursion (guided from Ostashkov) to Nilova Pustyn to visit a local monastery. Climbing the Bell Tower to observe landscapes. Leisure  time. Optional activities. Overnight in the hotel. (BL)

Day 4. Walking in the forest, picking up berries, mushrooms, swimming (in  summer), ice-fishing, skiing, skating, tobogganing (in winter). Optional traditional Russian bath (banya) with birch brooms and tea with baranki. Overnight in the hotel. (BL)

Day 5. Leisure time. Optional activities. Check out of the hotel after lunch. (BL)

Rates - 2009/2010

Group pax 1 person costs 459 EUR
Group pax 2 persons costs 341 EUR
Group pax 3 persons costs 301 EUR
Group pax 4-5 persons costs 282 EUR per persons
Group pax 6-7 persons costs 262 EUR per persons


TWN accommodation in the hotel 'Vershina Seligera'
meals per program
excursions per program
English speaking guide for excursion to Nilova Pustyn  
Not included:

arrival and departure transfers
donations in the monastery
optional excursions and  events


SGL accommodation + 87 EUR per person
Extra day in the hotel (TWN/SGL HB) + 43/65 EUR per person

How to reach the hotel  Vershina Seligera

1. By car from Moscow through Ostashkov:

From Moscow along the new Riga highway through Volokolamsk, Rzhev, Selizharovo or along the Leningradsky highway through Tver, Torzhok till Ostashkov town. In and behind Ostashkov - under indexes 'Peno camp sites till the Pyramid (12 km after Ostashkov), then 40 km right up to the village Svapushche, further 6 km under index 'Vershina Seligera'.  The whole way is around 400 km.

Private transfer from Moscow by car (around 5 hours) 169 EUR per car (one way)

2. By car from St.Petersburg:

From St.Petersburg along the Moscow highway till Yazhelbitci, then turn on the right for Demyansk, Molvotitci, Rovenitci, Svapushche. In Svapushche turn on the left under the index 'Vershina Seligera'. The whole way is around 430 km.

3. By scheduled bus through Ostashkov:

Bus Moscow - Ostashkov (departure from Moscow -metro station Tushinskaya 07:45 daily arrival at Ostashkov 14:50)

Bus Ostashkov - Moscow (departure from Ostashkov 15.30 daily, arrival in Moscow 22:25.

Bus ticket Moscow - Ostashkov (one way) 12 EUR per person.

Private transfer Ostashkov - Vershina Seligera (one way): 43 EUR per car

4. By train through Ostashkov:

Train #604 Moscow - Ostashkov: (departure from Moscow Leningradsky train station 20:00 on odd days in summer, on MON, WED, FRI in winter arrival at Ostashkov 07:32 next day).

Train #603 Ostashkov Moscow (departure from Ostashkov 18:25 on even days in summer, on TUE, THU, SUN in winter arrival in Moscow at 05.16 next day).

Train ticket Moscow - Ostashkov (one way) 35 EUR per person (2nd class, 4 berths in a compartment)

Private transfer Ostashkov - Vershina Seligera (one way):   43 EUR per car

Optional activities:

Boat excursions on Lake Seliger
Hire a helicopter, enjoy a bird's-eye view of Lake Seliger.
Rowboats, motor boats
Snowmobiling (in winter). Take a ride across the frozen Lake Seliger.
Horse riding
Skiing and skating (in winter)
Fishing and ice-fishing.
Russian BathHouse. Experience a Russian Bath, flail yourself or others with a bundle of birch branches. Bathing tradition includes drinking of tea with baranki.
Gatherind wild mushrooms and wild berries (July to September)
Hunting (in proper seasons)

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