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Tours: Kostroma miracles

Kostroma miracles
Kostroma - Terem Snow Maiden - Elk ferm
Day 1 (Saturday)

07.30 - Departure by bus from metro Komsomolskaya. Directional information.
13.30 - Arrival in Kostroma. Accommodation.
Lunch at the hotel restaurant.
City tour of Kostroma: You see the Church of the Resurrection in the Grove, will pass on the embankment of the Volga, where the arbor Ostrovsky will pass blocks, built-up old wooden houses. You will see a shopping arcade (Red and Big flour series, Gingerbread, Tobacco, Oil, and petty rows). Be held at the observation deck on the high bank of the Volga (the place where stood the ancient citadel). Bus will take you to the area Susanin: Fire tower (the mid XIX century.) Guardhouse building (the mid XIX century.), Building government offices (the beginning of XIX century.).
Excursion to the current Bogoyavlensko-Anastasiin convent, which houses the main shrine Kostroma lands - the miraculous icon of the Mother of God of St. Theodore, which was found in 1239
16.00 - In the building of the former Assembly of the Noble you can visit an exhibition on the private and social life of the nobility of the Kostroma XIX The Noble Assembly mansion built in the late XVIII century in the style of mature classicism. Interiors amazing luxury: a magnificent Great White concert hall, decorated with white artificial marble grand staircase with open-work iron stairs and railings with gold plated parts, Small Golden Hall with gilded decorative elements. Art gallery, which you can visit, includes royal portraits and portraits of the Kostroma patrons.
17.30 - Visit to "Terema Snow Maiden". Herself the heroine of a fairy tale and her assistants will conduct reviews of yards and carried out in a fairytale tower, will show the most interesting and together with you to make a wish that must come true. In the Upper Room Snow Maiden will tell about his manner of life and introduces a mysterious magical objects, and in the next room will meet amazing Slavic myths and legends. In the Room of Miracles are waiting for you the extraordinary work of Kostroma kids, who no doubt will delight you with their imagination and creativity.
19.30 - Dinner at the hotel restaurant.
Day 2 (Sunday)
07.00-08.00 - Breakfast in the hotel restaurant. Check out.
09.00 - Excursion to the museum-reserve "Ipatyevsky monastery" with a visit to the Holy Trinity Cathedral, where he was blessed in the kingdom of Mikhail Romanov, and the chambers of the boyars Romanovs.
11.30 - Departure by Sumarokovskaya Elk ferm (26 km). Not far from Kostroma is a unique moose farm, which contains about 40 elk. Elks live in the woods, and at certain times come to the place of feeding, where they can eat oatmeal porridge, cortex, specifically harvested for their workers, and black bread, which bring with them many tourists.
14.00 - Return to Kostroma. Lunch at city restaurant.
15.30 - Departure to Moscow.
21.30 - Estimated time of arrival at M. Komsomolskaya.
The price includes: transportation in tourist bus, hotel accommodation, meals, excursions, tours escort 
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