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Tours: Krasnoyarsk Dudinka - Krasnoyarsk

Day 1. Krasnoyarsk. Accommodation on board. Our motorship heading for the North down the Yenisey. The boat leaves behind Krasnoyarsk and villages along the riversides. We are passing by the Kazachinskie rapids. It's one of the most beautiful places of the Yenisey river. The high shores of the river are covered with ancient pines and birches. Fast river tide is nearly "flying" (18-20 km/ hour) and a crest of waves is rising up to 1, 5 meters and submerges granite rocks create dramatic turbulence. This section of the river is a challenge for every captain. 
Day 2. Our ship is passing by settlements having a glamour of old Siberian times. We will make a stop in one of them. Vorogovo is the only village on our way with typical Northern houses. Here the Yenisey is overflowing about 15 km wide. We make a stop for walking around, meeting local people and visiting hospitable homes.
Day 3. Alinskie peski.  Green parking. Here you will have an opportunity for a walking tour to explore local wilderness. Picnic.
Day 4. We moor in a big port of Igarka which opens its gates into the Arctic Ocean. It is the first city in the Polar Circle (It lies on 66, 33 northern latitude) on the route to Dudinka which stands on ever-frost land. Bus excursion around the town, visit to the Museum of Permafrost.
Day 5. Town-port Dudinka the capital of Taimyr region. It is one of the most important ports in the north of Siberia. Timber, coal, metals and fish are brought here to be transported further to east and west. Bus excursion to the Museum of local lore and Center of National Creation.
Day 6. Ermakovo Ruins of Gulag. A walking tour in taiga ~ 2,5 km.
Day 7. Tundra and forest-tundra landscapes change into the taiga. Here on the bank of the Lower Tunguska stands Turukhansk. It was founded in 1607 as a fort post. Being Gulag labor camps this town was the center for exiles and it was called "the city of black days and white nights because of severe conditions and Polar circle days. In Turukhansk we take a walking excursion to visit the museum of political exiles. Today our ship is crossing the Polar Circle for the second time. There is no sunset from June till July here.
Day 8. Bahta. Walk to an old Siberian settlement. The kety (nationality) hunters and fishers - live here.
Day 9. Ledninskaya Kuria. Green parking on a fine flower glade where you will be suggested to taste a  well-known captain's river fish soup.
Day 10. We are coming to Yeniseysk. This city is called "the Father of Siberian cities" and named in honor to the Yenisey river. Founded in 1618, Yeniseisk was the first citadel of Russian Cossacks on the river. Yeniseysk has been the center of gold-mining and gold-trading for a long time. The Uspensky cathedral church is the only one in the region which had not been cast down in Stalin`s epoch. The Museum of local lore was founded in 1833 by Siberian merchant Khytmanov. We'll make a long stopover for a walk around, excursing and meeting local people.
Day 11. We have a stop in a picturesque place for the festive fire 50 km away from Krasnoyarsk for football match between the tourist team and the team of the crew. Farewell party.
Day 12. Arrival in Krasnoyarsk. We thank and say good-bye to our crew team.
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