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Tours: Secrets of Solovetsky archipelago, 5 days

Tour dates, 2010: June - 27; July - 4, 11, 18, 25, Aug. - 01, 08, 15 (on Sundays). 
1 day (Sunday)
20:45 - Departure of tourists from Moscow by train № 382 Moscow - Murmansk.
Day 2 (Monday)
00:50 - Departure of tourists from Moscow by train № 16, Moscow - Murmansk.
22:15 - Arrival of tourists in Kem train № 382 Moscow - Murmansk. Meeting tourists at the main entrance to the railway station from the gate with a sign "Berth".
22:34 - Transfer to the port (n. Rabocheostrovsk). Transfer time depends on the number of tourists in a group.
Day 3 (Tuesday)
00:35 - Arrival of tourists in Kem from Moscow № 16, Moscow (in St. Petersburg) - Murmansk. Meeting tourists at the main entrance to the railway station from the gate with a sign "Berth". Transfer to the port.
1:30 - Sea pass (2.5 hours) on a boat to the Solovetsky Islands (the cost of marine transition payable locally) during the voyage tourists can see beluga whales - north dolphins, sea hares and seals, as well as enjoy the wonderful "White Nights" .
4:00 - Arrive at the Grand Solovetsky Island. Meeting with the guide. Transfer to hotel. Accommodation.
11:00 - Late breakfast in a cafe.
12:00 - Excursion "History Solovetsky Archipelago" (3:00) - the story of five millennia of development of the archipelago Solovetsky Islands people. The ancient builders of the mysterious labyrinths, the tribes the Sami and Korely, severe Orthodox ascetics of  Solovetsky Islands - are the main heroes of this story. During the tour, tourists will get basic information about the Solovetsky Archipelago: physical, geographical, geological and historical data, information about ancient and modern flora and fauna, rare and anomalous phenomena observed on the islands. The route and the objects show: Tour begins at the center of the village Solovetsky and passes the scenic coast of the White Sea via the Cape of Labyrinths, the forest road to the building of the radio station Solovetsky stone convent cemetery, the dry documents and hydropower.
15:00 - Lunch in the cafe.
16:00 - Excursion "Solovetsky fortress" (1,5 hours). Thematic tour introduces the history of construction and architectural features Solovetskaya fortress with a history of military action XVI-XIX centuries to the visitors. The route and the objects show: Nicholas Tower, northern fence of the fortress wall, dry moat, Korozhnaya tower, western fence of the wall Assumption Tower, Holy Gate Gallery, fighting the progress of the wall Spinning Tower, White Tower - the exposition "Architecture Solovetskaya fortress", Arkhangelsk Tower, Archangel gate.
18:00 - Boat excursion to the Big Island Zayatskogo (3 hours). Tourists will visit the largest pagan temple in Northern Europe of II-I millennium BC, see the stone labyrinth, a complex religious and funerary buildings, particularly in Russia stone harbor, monuments Andrew's Skete.
21:00 - Dinner (on your own).
Day 4 (Wednesday)
08:30 - Breakfast in the cafe.
09:30 - Excursion "Long Bay - Solovetsky dam - Big Island Muksalma" (8 hours). The first part of the program includes a walk (4 km) to the pier on the shore of Long Bay and ecological tour of the area a unique natural object - "Inland Sea" Solovki. In the marine excursions among the picturesque islands on a single Solovetsky boat, built drawings of the monastery, you will learn about the marine and coastal flora and fauna of the archipelago. The process of extraction and processing of Queen White Sea algae - seaweed. Unexpected encounters with seals, cranes, gulls feeding will not leave anyone indifferent. The second part of the program - inspection of the monuments of St. Sergiev Radonezhskogo hermitage on the island of Great Muksalma; acquaintance with the monuments of the period Solovki prison camp, visiting the famous Solovetskaya dam connecting through a sea strait islands of the archipelago. At the conclusion of the program on an island in Long Bay you will take part in a unique process - catching and tasting the White Sea midiy.Recommendations: Be sure to have warm clothes for the boat ride, packed lunch (your own) and drinking water, mosquito cream, if desired - a bathing suit.
19:00 - Dinner (on your own). Free time.
Day 5 (Thursday)
08:30 - Breakfast in the cafe.
09:30 - Excursion "Solovetskie way. History and Legends "(4:00). Car tour "Solovetskie road" passes through the picturesque forest roads of the northern part of BS Solovetsky Island. Hundreds of years of road Solovkov were silent witnesses of human actions and aspirations. Solovetskie monks were measuring path Solovetskya versts, prisoners Solovetsky camp - tears Solovetsky cabin boy - a cross in the morning. The monks built the famous monasteries Solovetskie - skit on Sekirnoy grief Savvatyevsky Isakovsky and hermitages. The Bolsheviks turned these holy places into the camp prison and Solovetsky cabin boy - into the classrooms. All this will tell you Solovetskie road - witnesses of history of Solovky, anxiously preserving the traces of human activity. At the end of the tour - visiting Botanical garden, walk through Makarievsky desert.
15:30 - Lunch in the cafe. Free time. At the request: tour to Solovetsky State Museum-Reserve (extra charge). Dinner (own).
Day 6 (Friday)
08:00 - Breakfast in the cafe.
09:00 - Marine Excursion: Kuzov Archipelago  - a world of ancient man "(7:00). Travel to the archipelago includes a sea voyage by boat, landing on a deserted island, climbing the highest rock in the White Sea, visiting the ancient Sami sanctuary with stone sow. During the tour visitors will discover a world of ancient man - his way of life, culture, philosophy, psychology. Expected to rise to the height of the cliff 126 meters (rise flat, rise time 20 minutes). Recommendations: Be sure to have comfortable shoes (sneakers or boots), warm clothes for the voyage, a raincoat in case of bad weather. The landing on the island can be made by boat.
16:00 - Lunch in the cafe. Free time. Visit the Maritime Museum. The museum tells the history of the Pomeranian navigation. Among the exhibits - the museum being built at the shipyard yacht "St. Peter" (a copy of gukor of Emperor Peter the Great). Dinner(on your own).
Day 7 (Saturday)
09:00 - Breakfast in the cafe. Check out ( luggages to the baggage locker). Free time. Visit the souvenir shops. Visiting the liturgy Solovetsky monastery and participate in procession.
15:00 - Lunch in the cafe.
16:00 - Transfer to Tamarin berth. Landing on the boat.
17:30 - The sea pass to Rabocheostrovsk.
20:00 - Arrive at the port.
20:30 - Accommodation in the tourist camps "Kuzov" or "Prichal" (double, triple rooms with private facilities on the block).
21:00 - Dinner at the cafe.
Day 8 (Sunday)
05:30 - Breakfast. A breakfast (breakfast and putting numbers depend on the departure time of train).
8:42 - Departure of tourists on the train № 381 Murmansk - Moscow.
Day 9 (Monday) Arrival of tourists in Moscow. 
Price includes (in rubles):
Accommodation, all excursions and meals, according to the program. All transport services and group transfers. Support group leader. 
Price does not include:
Train tickets, voyage route Rabocheostrovsk - Solovki - Rabocheostrovsk (600 rubles x round trip). Cost of boat trips on the island Zayatsky (300 rubles). Meals and excursions along the route described as "self" or "for additional fee. The cost of additional services ask your guide (group leader).
The tourist complex "Solovki" is located 1.5 km far from the Solovetsky monastery on the shore of Lake Viking. Cottage-type complex consisting of 6 two-storey buildings. Accommodation of groups is  carried out in 2-3 double rooms with amenities on the block (ground floor). For an additional fee they can be accommodated in rooms with private facilities (subject to availability, or when booking the tour). The refectory is on the territory of the tourist complex.
When booking specify the cost of the tour! Tour is held with a group of at least 10 people. In the case of a smaller number of members of the group may change the order of the excursions and / or join an excursion to the other groups of tourists. Cost of the tour prices are based on the category of rooms (with private facilities and without facilities) Solovki regardless of the hotel.  When booking travel, please indicate only the category of rooms at Solovki!

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