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Tours: Kiy Island

2 days / 1 night
Date: 03 - 04 July (Jazz), 17 - 18 July, 31 July - 1 August, 13-14 August, 28 - 29 August, 2010.
Day 1
Shuttle bus to Onega (about 4-5 hours).
Tranfer on the boat to Kiy Isl. (in the way 1 hour). Accommodation in the camp "Kiysky". Historical tour to Architecture Cross Monastery. Observation of the monastic buildings: the Cross Cathedral, Nadkladeznaya church, the Church of Nativity in the refectory and Kelarskoy chambers, Nastoyatelsky and Fraternal Corps.
Dinner. Outdoor leisure.
Day 2 (Sunday):
Walking tour "Nature cue-island". The island is a natural large stone merging from the sea. The height of the island rises to the central part, some rocks reach 25 meters above sea level. The island is divided into two parts Strait - Pereima. To pass from one part of the island to another is possible only during low tide on sandy bottom. On the island: 500 plant species, coastal waters are rich with fish and in the summer the temperature up to 24 °. You will enjoy the view of wide sandy beaches and gorgeous, rich pine forests. Lunch.
Departure by boat for Onega (1 hour). Transfer to the city of Arkhangelsk (about 4-5 hours).
Includes: Transfer to Onega and Kiy island, accommodation, meals and excursions.
Where to stay: one-story wooden houses without amenities № 1, № 2.
4 triple and 2 quadruple rooms without facilities, wash room and toilet in the street.

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