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Tours: Country birch calico

"Country birch calico"

2 days. / 1 night.

1 day
07.30 - Departure by bus from metro Komsomolskaya. Directional information.
10.00 - Arrival in Kolomna - one of the oldest cities in the Moscow region. Each person visiting the city, struck by the abundance of architectural monuments, the oldest of whom belong to the fourteenth century. Preserved to our days the Kremlin towers, buildings, churches and cathedrals, bell steeples, farmstead buildings create a unique flavor of a provincial Russian town. Overview of the city; Novo Golutvin Brusensky and monasteries, the church of St. Nicholas Posad. Kolomna Kremlin's Cathedral Square, the Kremlin walls.
* To check 06-07/01 Christmas - Visit the School of Crafts: Exhibition "What are silent doll", an exhibition of objects of peasant life, a story about the traditions of a New Year and Christmas, an interactive program with tea.
* To check 13-14/02 Shrovetide - visit the School of Crafts: Exhibition "What are silent doll", an exhibition of objects of peasant life, tea with pancakes. Holiday Shrovetide festivities in the fresh air, fun dances.
13.00 - Lunch in the cafe of the city.
14.00 - Departure to Ryazan.
16.00 - Arrival. Accommodation at the hotel.
17.00 - Visit to Ryazan Kremlin. This is the oldest part of town, but all the Kremlin buildings apparently are in good condition. Not far from the Kremlin on the high bank of the river Trubezh is the Savior's Transfiguration (Savior-on-Yar) church, which is located next to a monument to Sergei Yesenin.
20.00 - Dinner * in the cafes.
* To check 06-07/03 March 8 - dinner.
Day 2
09.00 - Breakfast in the hotel cafe. Check out.
10.00 - Visit to the Museum-Estate of Academician IP Pavlova. The museum's displays reveal the life and career of the outstanding scientist, Russia's first Nobel laureate, Ryazan period of his life, contains a rich collection of things Paul's family.
11.00 - Departure to Konstantinovo.
11.30 - Arrival. Village Konstantinovo known and dear to everyone. Here, October 3, 1895 was born the great Russian poet Sergei Yesenin. In Konstantinovo spent his childhood and youth of the poet. The central part of the village Konstantinovo now Yesenin Reserve - a set of literary-memorial museum SA Esenina. Visit the House Museum SA Esenina, home Kashin (Literary Museum poem "Anna Snegina"), Kazan Church.
14.30 - Lunch in the cafe.
15.30 - Departure to the village Poschupovo.
16.00 - Arrival. Visit the current St. John the Theologian Monastery. The healing spring water of the monastery attracted many people. In the monastery often visited young Yesenin.
17.30 - Departure to Moscow.
21.00 - Estimated time of arrival am Komsomolskaya.

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