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Tours: The mystical soul of Siberia

Day 1. Early in the morning we arrive to Krasnoyarsk. Accommodation. Breakfast.
We will have a sightseeing tour round the city that is located on one of the biggest rivers of the world - the Yenisey. After lunch we'll have a walk on a boat and we'll admire the majesty of the coastal panorama of Krasnoyarsk.
In the evening return to the hotel. Dinner. Overnight.
Day 2. After breakfast we will go to the famous Stolby Nature Reserve (20 km).
During millions of years rains and winds cut out gigantic granite pillars that look like fantastic people and animals. Here we will have a chance to make some wonderful pictures of Krasnoyarsk and the Yenisey from a bird's flight height. Lunch. In the tourist-excursion zone of the Stolby Reserve there is a shelter - zoo for Siberian animals. You'll see tamed Siberian roe deer, lynxes, wolves, etc.
Return to the hotel. Dinner. Overnight.
Day 3. Breakfast. Departure for Abakan - the capital of Khakassia (408 km).
After breakfast we'll move to Divnogorsk - town, where we will see the artificial lake and the Hydro electrical Power Station. You will be able to enjoy the magnificent view and get acquainted with work of its unique ship elevator.
On the road we will have an excursion to the Royal Valley with 6 meters menhirs as a symbolic gates. Unique monuments of IV-III B.C. are two separate menhirs on the top of hill "Big Gates". We will visit the Salbyk mound - burial place for Tsars of Khakassia. The mound was justly counted the biggest one in Khakassia. Stone slabs, that were used for building burial place weight tens  tons. Arrival to Abakan, accommodation in hotel, lunch. Excursion to the local museum containing very interesting expositions of archaeological founds, rock paintings and menhirs. In the evening we will see an exciting shaman show.
Return to the hotel. Dinner. Overnight.
Day 4. Breakfast. Transfer from Abakan to Minusinsk and Shushenskoye village (Sayano-Shushensky Nature Reserve, 80 km).
In the morning an excursion to the Minusinsk town museum, which has the rich and interesting collection of archeological finds: funeral masks, bronze and stone knifes and other weapon X-II of centuries B.C., an ethnographic exposition.
After lunch - transfer to the Shushenskoye village, where we will see the theatrical show in the Shushensky ethnographic museum. It is the reconstructed model of a traditional Siberian village. Here it is possible not only to see the Siberian peasants at simple work - in smithy, weaving from a rod of utensils but also to try to work together or even to take part in celebratory ceremonies.
At the village one can can see XIX century real prison, a trading bench and old tavern. Tourists will try vodka, kvass, beer and the traditional Siberian bilberry pie, made on ancient recipes. Here is an exposition of a house where Lenin lived and worked from 1897 till 1900 during his imperial exile.
Accommodation in a tourist hotel. Dinner. Overnight.
Day 5. Breakfast. Transfer from Shushenskoye to Askiz (172km).
In the morning we are visiting the Reserve's Museum of Nature and meeting with scientific staff, viewing of a film. Transfer to the "Shushensky Bor" National Park. Wildlife viewing and hiking along the picturesque ecological track through mountain taiga up to alpine meadows. After lunch - transfer to Askiz.
On a route we will stop at the place where Yenisey river is break forth from mountain gorges on steppe open spaces and where bewitching kind from survey platform Sayano-Shushensky Hydroelectric Power Station in height of 240 meters will open. The road goes among Khakas steppes with the barrows, where we will make a symbolical ceremony of a gift at a sacred place of Khakas people. Arrival to the Khakassky National Nature & Archaeological Reserve "Kazanovka", accommodation in the nomad's yurt camp.
Dinner. In the evening - Khakas folk-performance. Overnight.
Day 6. Askiz. Breakfast.
In the morning we will have an excursion to "Kazanovka" museum. The main expositions are archaeological and ethnographical monuments that are placed in a natural cultural environment, ancient settlement, and modern village.
Here you can see menhirs (stone idols), rock paintings, and get acquainted with real life of Khakas people. Menhirs of Khakassia as archaeological monuments are well known in the scientific world since XVIII century. The established fact is that ancient people used menhirs for carrying out ritual ceremonies and as a remedy for different illnesses. Return to the camping.
Dinner. Overnight in a yurt camp.
Day 7. Breakfast. Transfer from Askiz to a farm of wild deers - marals and horse-racing school (86 km).
Here tourists will see deers in their natural habitat. Some of them are tamed and it will even be possible to make photos with them. After lunch - an excursion to horse-racing school at breeding horse-farm. Horse-riding trip among the forest, subalpine meadows and mountains. Rest on shore of a small mountain river, sport fishing.
Returning in a yurt camp. Dinner. Overnight.
Day 8. Breakfast. In the morning departure from Askiz in tourist center 'Snow Leopard" (206 km).
Accommodation in wooden cottages made of Siberian pine. This place is well-known because of its unique ecological cleanliness. After lunch we will have a hike to a scenic taiga lake - Marankul. Wildlife viewing and hiking along the picturesque ecological track through mountain taiga up to alpine meadows.
Russian bath. Dinner. Overnight in a tourist cottage.
Day 9. Breakfast. Transfer to Kyzyl - the capital of Tuva (426 km).
The road passes through dazzling mountain passes on our journey towards the Tuva Republic. You'll see an amazing ancient stone monument representing "Chingis Khan". Lunch (picnic) in a picturesque place which names "Seven sisters". These are seven hundred years old lurch trees, growing from one root. Further the road passes on boundless steppe landscapes of Tuva.
Accommodation in a yurt camp located near Kyzyl on the Yenisey river bank. After dinner you will enjoy a Shaman show at the camp fire site. Overnight.
Day 10. Breakfast. City - tour.
Visiting of the geographical center of Asia, clinic of the shaman, Buddhist temple, National Museum of Tuva. Lunch with traditional Tuvinians cooking. Trip to mineral water spring "Arzhan" where we can taste mineral water from natural spring. We'll visit nomad camp and see the everyday life, take horse-back ride. Returning in the yurt camp. Performance of guttural songs by Tuvinians "throat" singers.
Dinner. Overnight in a yurt camp.
Day 11. Breakfast. Transfer to the airport. Departure for Moscow.
We confident advise all travelers to be vaccinated against clip encephalitis
Each traveler should have health insurance covering the tour or we can insure you before tour starts 


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