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Tours: Yasnaya Polyana

The National Leo Tolstoy Museum-Estate in Yasnaya Polyana, located in Tula region, is famous worldwide. Yasnaya Polyana is the place where Leo Tolstoy was born in 1828, lived for about 60 years, wrote many of his books including War and Peace and was buried in 1910. Yasnaya Polyana is a phenomenon of Russian historic and cultural life. With its authentic buildings, surrounded by picturesque forests, orchards and parks, it is a typical Russian estate, which will give you an insight into the everyday life and traditions of the 19 th and the beginning of the 20 th centuries.

Type: Discovery
Tour duration: 1 day
Season: All year around
Recommended Group Size: 2-20 PAX
Transportation: train, minibus or car, on foot


Departure from Moscow (09:10, train #845, Kursky train station).
Arrival (11:56) at the train station Yasnaya Polyana (the historical name Kozlova zaseka). Meeting with a guide. Visit exposition Tolstoy's Railway.
Transfer to Yasnaya Polyana settlement. Excursion to the National Leo Tolstoy Museum-Estate in Yasnaya Polyana.
Lunch in a local cafe.
Free time. Optional entertaining excursion and tea-drinking in the Kuchersky log hut (with tea, pies, fruit liqueur, stories about russian rural traditions and customs) or driving on horses in carriage (in the winter on sledge) on territory of the estate.
Transfer to the railway station. Departure for Moscow (18:10 train #846). Arrival in Moscow (21:18, Kursky train station).

Costs - 2009/2010:

Group pax 2 persons cost 129 EUR per person
Group pax 3-5 persons cost 93 EUR per person
Group pax 6 and more persons cost 66 EUR per person


excursions per program with entrance fees.
meals per program
interactive presentation in Russian Izba
all transfers according to the program
Not included:

train tickets
optional activities


train tickets - from 12 EUR per person
horse riding - from 6 EUR per person
the Kuchersky log hut from 30 EUR per group

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