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Tours: Kursk - Marino - Kursk deserts - Prokhorovka

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3 days.
Kursk - Marino - Kursk deserts - Prokhorovka
Legendary, covered with glory of Russian arms combat Prokhorovka. During the war 40-s it became a place of one of the most bloody and decisive battles of the Great Patriotic War.

1 day. Departure from Moscow by the evening train from Kursk station.

Day 2. Meeting of the morning at the railway station with a sign Kursk "Orpheus". City tour with a tour of the monuments of civil architecture: Bishops' House, the House of boyars Romodanovsky Nasdaq Women's Gymnasium. Decoration of the city is the temple architecture and civil buildings: ansamblTroitskogo and the Sign of monasteries, the House of Romanov boyars, Manor Kursk Governor-General aide AI Nelidova. Visiting the memorial complex "The Battle of Kursk" and the Military-Historical Museum of the Battle of Kursk. Dinner. Accommodation at the hotel. Free time.

Day 3. Breakfast. Excursion to the "pearl" of the Russian palaces and parks of art - the estate of princes Baryatinsky "Marino" with a visit to the palace, a museum and a stroll through the park. Marino - one of the few monuments in Russia, was never injured in the worst hard times - in the Revolution, the Civil and the Great Patriotic War. Dinner. Visiting one of the oldest monasteries in our country - the Kursk Root Hermitage. Cultural and Historical Center Aboriginal desert. "Return to the Kursk. Free time.

Day 4. Breakfast. Check out. Excursion to the third battlefield Russia - Prokhorovka. It is here that broke out one of the biggest events of the Second World War - the Battle of Kursk. Visiting the memorial complex "Kursk Bulge" and the hall of military glory in a settlement. Yakovlev, the legendary tank field, the Church of Peter and Paul. Return to the Kursk. Departure to Moscow.

5 day. Arrive in the morning in Moscow.

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