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Tours: Viazma - Hmelita - Smolensk - Novospasskoye - Talashkino

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3 days.

Remarkable journey. Cultural potential of this round of unusually high: the ancient Russian cities and fortresses, unusual and rare museums, picturesque nature of Central Russia. A rare tour of the diversity and richness of experience.

1 day 07:45 gathering group (Metro station "Park Pobedy").

08:00 departure from Moscow on the bus. Directional information in route. Arrive in Vyazma. Tour of the city, the territory of which preserved many architectural monuments, ensembles and homes XVII-XIX centuries. National History Museum. Church Odigitrii. Spassky tower. Trinity Cathedral. Dinner. Moving to Hmelitu. Excursion to the only museum in Russia - Manor AS Griboyedov: manor house wing, Kazan Church, the park. Arrive in Smolensk. Accommodation at the hotel. Dinner.

Day 2 Breakfast. Excursion Novospasskoye. Visit the museum of the great Russian composer, Mikhail Glinka. Dinner. Moving to Talashkino. Visit the estate - Teremki "Flenovo", which belonged to the famous patron, MK Teneshevoy and which preserved a unique collection of works of art. Capture your attention on the unusual architecture of the church and the picturesque surroundings. Return to Smolensk. Dinner.

Day 3 Breakfast. Bus sightseeing tour of the town, the old Russian city, which in ancient times was called "key - the city". Understanding Smolensk Kremlin - one of the great fortresses of Russia. Museum "Smolensk Flax". Dinner. Departure to Moscow.

The price includes:
Transport service along the route
Guide for the whole route

Accommodation in a hotel in Smolensk

Dining: 1 day - lunch, dinner, Day 2 - breakfast, lunch, dinner, Day 3 - breakfast, lunch,

Excursions, entrance fees

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